Who can find the cheapest Hellcat (challenge) 

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We're determined to find the best place to buy cars between Craigslist, OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace. Which site has the cheapest cars? We're back with more grueling challenges that put these sites AND users to the test. Will Jeremiah's cockiness finally get the best of him? This is the D-List!

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4. jun. 2021

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Donut Media
Donut Media Pred 10 dnevi
Thanks to Raid for sponsoring today's video! Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: clcr.me/Jun_DonutMedia and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
DOGE Pred 6 dnevi
@Victor ikr
trey kearns
trey kearns Pred 6 dnevi
Yall should do an up to speed on cleetus n friends
HDTomo Pred 7 dnevi
I am ashamed but luckily this is channel is too good
Demetrius Ryans
Demetrius Ryans Pred 4 urami
Copart? Hrsprs for pennies.
성수구범 Pred 6 urami
The zippy roll cytogenetically compare because step unfortunately pretend amid a rural magazine. automatic, nonstop schedule
Patrick Kennelly
Patrick Kennelly Pred 6 urami
Liked because I do in fact think hellcats are sick
Jon Henry
Jon Henry Pred 8 urami
I think it's time for an out of studio adventure! Off-road maybe? Come on, get those headphones off!! I'll take you out myself!
the loshman
the loshman Pred 10 urami
Fakes book martins place. Gotta love it
Nash Nichols
Nash Nichols Pred 15 urami
jeremiah's face when he misspelled gullwing lmaoaoaooaoaoaooa
BUSTER Pred 18 urami
The stockies look like Micahdoodles drawings in stock forms and there used to be same thing in 🇬🇧 back in late 90s that looked very similar. Still cool though
Nathan Zeeman
Nathan Zeeman Pred 22 urami
You should try a European car list site: AutoScout24. It works amazing and is for individual car sellers and dealers.
Cool Pred 23 urami
these guys could not have any more real backdrops ha
Vichtz Pred dnevom
The weirdest part is jerehmia "opens in new tab" using the right click menu. Wtf bro just click the scroll wheel down you jabronie
Adam Shuaib
Adam Shuaib Pred dnevom
Lots of goose knowledge here
Josh Wilt
Josh Wilt Pred 2 dnevi
Wow 2 minutes of advertisements. How lame, you’re not getting a like from me on this vid unless the rest of the video changes my mind. DO NOT MAKE 2 MINUTE LONG ADS!!!!!!!😱🥵
hxartlxss Pred 2 dnevi
"Faxebook Market place🤣🤣"
Corey Megran
Corey Megran Pred 2 dnevi
10:50 This is why I watch Donut. For the quality avian stool discourse.
TheAntMan Pred 2 dnevi
95-99 Eclipse GSX stocky 002
amanda Algherwi
amanda Algherwi Pred 3 dnevi
The grumpy lier habitually lighten because citizenship phenotypically bury versus a clumsy department. old-fashioned, brash russian
Joshue Rodriguez
Joshue Rodriguez Pred 3 dnevi
Yo I think I went to school with that foo Max. SF State?
BLKKNG trapshxt
BLKKNG trapshxt Pred 3 dnevi
I want a stocky Cuda
Rahmir Tucker
Rahmir Tucker Pred 3 dnevi
Offer up is trash
Ethan Miles
Ethan Miles Pred 3 dnevi
this needs at least two more episodes or even make it a whole series😳
Zoli Pred 3 dnevi
i hit like when he sad and both in video and on youtube was 47K
abrar ishfaq mridha
abrar ishfaq mridha Pred 3 dnevi
Hey were is ur discord link
Tavon Grandston
Tavon Grandston Pred 3 dnevi
Diego Haynes
Diego Haynes Pred 4 dnevi
Make an r32 stocky
matthew theiler
matthew theiler Pred 4 dnevi
"fakesbook martinplace"
xd - kfp jacob
xd - kfp jacob Pred 4 dnevi
Why is Nolans screen so Low res
Hunter Thurgood
Hunter Thurgood Pred 4 dnevi
SaifTube868 Pred 4 dnevi
Craigslist❌ Gregslist✅
SaifTube868 Pred 4 dnevi
Facebook Marketplace ❌ Fakesbook Martinplace✅
Deadman Pred 4 dnevi
Yes my dream car
Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. E aka Tiger I
Surprised the piece of shit scam Raid Shadow Legends is still up
Peach Flavored Bleach
the fact that the first stocky is my car makes me want to get one
Callum Tucker
Callum Tucker Pred 4 dnevi
GET STOCKY TO THE UK. we want that adorable fucker as well!
Capybara Pred 4 dnevi
Am hard
Nuvia Diaz
Nuvia Diaz Pred 4 dnevi
Do a up to speed on a festiva
Playboicharlie Pred 4 dnevi
Need a 350z stocky
FaZe Boy - Mobile Games
1st wouldve been a toyota sera
tekashi 6ix9ine
tekashi 6ix9ine Pred 4 dnevi
The highest mileage should of search up Toyota 4 runner or a Toyota 😂
Jmurr357 Pred 4 dnevi
Facebook Martin place 😂
Lukas Novikas
Lukas Novikas Pred 4 dnevi
14:19 *That was f*cking sick*
GTX 1080 Ti
GTX 1080 Ti Pred 4 dnevi
You think that wrangler cool we have a hellcat wrangler
BimoAlexander Pred 4 dnevi
👋👋 " *i love u* "
Sean Lindeborg
Sean Lindeborg Pred 5 dnevi
I haven’t seen raid shadow legends in months.
Jared Burbank
Jared Burbank Pred 5 dnevi
The cars they picked in the “90s JDM car” segment weren’t even JDM...
Medhy's The G
Medhy's The G Pred 5 dnevi
“You gotta find the car with the funniest engine swap” - Classic American cars in Cuba with boat engines😂😂😂🇨🇺🇨🇺
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Pred 5 dnevi
I want more "pop up and down head lights!"
Grey man
Grey man Pred 5 dnevi
So many ads.
Joseph Wuiz
Joseph Wuiz Pred 5 dnevi
don't forget cursing is a sin ✝️ Jesus loves you❤️
JJ Legend
JJ Legend Pred 5 dnevi
Seriously? Raid sponsor? The fuck is wrong with your Donut Team?
Drone On
Drone On Pred 5 dnevi
He can't keep getting away with this!! 🤣🤣🤣
Chezarae Leite
Chezarae Leite Pred 5 dnevi
I feel like we missed out on him actually wearing the armour for the raid shadow legends promo
Cattoad5465 Pred 5 dnevi
I have a suburban with almost 500,000 miles XD
Norbert Bec
Norbert Bec Pred 5 dnevi
why don't you ship STOCKY to EUROPE TOO?
Nils Christian Halvorsen
would LOVE to buy all the STOCKY's, but YOU DONT SHIP TO EUROPE
John Kinslow
John Kinslow Pred 5 dnevi
Help i have aggressive diarrhea
Danny Velazquez-Cruz
So I’m trying to get the Phoenix Yellow Stocky but there’s no option to pledge with reward. Any reason that is?
Nolan Bryant
Nolan Bryant Pred 5 dnevi
Well I wanted Nolan to win... For the few Nolans out there!
Polaris g
Polaris g Pred 6 dnevi
The totally NOT hot wheels Donut car is great! but... can I get a MINIMUM of 1 dozen (assorted colors) in a chop top? Please?! All kidding aside Please let me know. Ty.
Ahmed Abdullah Raiyan
editing could have been a bit more suspenseful. :)
Rob. Pred 6 dnevi
Jeremiah is always the winner, that's why I named my son after him!
Sean Norris
Sean Norris Pred 6 dnevi
I saw a Nissan Pathfinder on Facebook with a small block 350 swap lol
Jimmy Pred 6 dnevi
They should use ebay
Todd Robinson
Todd Robinson Pred 6 dnevi
I honestly really enjoyed watching this video
Ira Mccartney
Ira Mccartney Pred 6 dnevi
I won a 1,000 hp hellcat in a sweepstakes. It was wild!
Bryan Sasso
Bryan Sasso Pred 6 dnevi
Craig's place
chris reilly
chris reilly Pred 6 dnevi
" 707 is lol update down is just so satisfying to me
SJ Mikey P
SJ Mikey P Pred 6 dnevi
Yoooo stocky?
The Cheese Monster
The Cheese Monster Pred 6 dnevi
"facebook martinplace"
Rejected Shogun
Rejected Shogun Pred 6 dnevi
Facebook Martin place
Cqyote Pred 6 dnevi
They already did thid
YourAverage Brownie
YourAverage Brownie Pred 6 dnevi
Please make a challenger stocky!!!!
Steven Ruiz
Steven Ruiz Pred 6 dnevi
Max the stax dat ass
Alex Pred 6 dnevi
yall forgot inflation for msrps
Solgaleo Pred 6 dnevi
-plays dirt 5 as they watch-
JT Madison
JT Madison Pred 6 dnevi
The ambitious pants advantageously own because panda pharmacodynamically rhyme underneath a wild mistake. absurd, nebulous linen
NotSweaty_ Pred 6 dnevi
for the depreciations, the 2017 Audi SQ7 went from 200k to 70k
Steven Hernandez
Steven Hernandez Pred 6 dnevi
Stocky is300 plsssssss bro
Sepp Bouman
Sepp Bouman Pred 6 dnevi
I can’t order a stocky because I’m in the freaking Netherlands 😢
JOESRC619 Pred 6 dnevi
Every body on this show is cool. But Fook nolan
Pontygabs Bob
Pontygabs Bob Pred 6 dnevi
John Lavvas
John Lavvas Pred 6 dnevi
The hungry gladiolus postsynaptically separate because calendar descriptively paint via a second-hand thailand. windy, ritzy cannon
Corey Alan
Corey Alan Pred 6 dnevi
Ebay episode!!!!!
Stuart Peet
Stuart Peet Pred 6 dnevi
OfferUp wins cuz I found a mint 93 z28 for 7k
John Camangeg
John Camangeg Pred 6 dnevi
after watching these challenges i've concluded that this is just 3 grown ass dudes teaming up vs the legendary jeremiah lol
Lavineo Nawawi
Lavineo Nawawi Pred 6 dnevi
We need a miata stocky
Ted Must
Ted Must Pred 6 dnevi
Raid: Shadow Legends has taken another great channel hostage
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones Pred 6 dnevi
Nolan won that
confluenceJay Pred 6 dnevi
This is donut jumping the shark.
Mr. Cat
Mr. Cat Pred 6 dnevi
I'm sick of rai
l98700l Pred 6 dnevi
5:09 Ah yes, the CLASSIC 1968 Nissan 350z
AlwaysWrenchin Pred 6 dnevi
How on earth is Raid anything like a PC game? It is clearly a mobile game.
Evan Frank
Evan Frank Pred 6 dnevi
Bf inkw
Dutch E39
Dutch E39 Pred 6 dnevi
My dads 760Li was €166,951 msrp and he paid €9000 for it in perfect state 😂
Jerami Machado
Jerami Machado Pred 6 dnevi
I love how you guys Incorporated Make-A-Wish Foundation into your production team LOL your boy looks rough LOL
LikingApollo 452
LikingApollo 452 Pred 6 dnevi
3:04 the dissapointment on james face 🤣🤣
Kole H
Kole H Pred 6 dnevi
James could've won the engine swap with the hellcat 350z
Malachee Pred 7 dnevi
just recently, i found a red 2015 Hellcat being sold for like 5k bc they didnt know why the hellcat was making a whining noise. transmissiom issue i think
T3a Ba6Gins
T3a Ba6Gins Pred 7 dnevi
I know a lady in Seattle with a suicide-style scissor doors on her Camaro.
Steve Evans
Steve Evans Pred 7 dnevi
I know that blueish green CRX! The dude lives in my town. And you are correct it is a hose.
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