How to buy your way into Formula 1 

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Many drivers spend years proving their worth before making it to the big leagues of F1. But some others pay for a fast track. How does the typical F1 drivers' career play out? And how does cash accelerate the process?


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7. jun. 2021

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Donut Media
Donut Media Pred 7 dnevi
CORRECTION: Super License points are not awarded from race finishes, but on how a driver finishes the season. For example if you finish the Formula 2 championship in 1st-3rd, you'll earn 40 points, 4th earns 30 points, 5th earns 20 and so on. You cannot do it in a single race weekend like I said. Apologies for the error. - Nolan
Alex Pred 34 minutami
@RyanRocket Gaming professional means, that you earn money with it.
Alex Pred 35 minutami
@gordogordito87Ah, the racing itch, I know that one. Get a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel for a few bucks and start racing in raceroom(free base game) or Assetto Corsa Competizione or both. Also get a Wltoys k989. With the manual from Beavers Hobby channel, they run really smooth. There are Apps to measure your time via camera. Also watchout for Rc tracks in your area.
Heitor Dourado Coltri
You should put sim dane music: Daddys cash 2
SIDYfe4r Pred 3 dnevi
@Nico6967 Rules changed however, so yes, you have to be 18 to get into F1
Nico6967 Pred 3 dnevi
You don’t have to be 18 for f1, Max Verstappen was either 16 or 17 when he started
Muammar Gibran
Muammar Gibran Pred 2 urami
At least daddy Dimitry cares about his son. Like daddy Lawrence to Lance. Also, indeed as shown in the video, in the old days, before the Concorde Agreement and the Super License days, if you're rich enough, you can just buy an F1 car, something like a Maserati 250F or a Ferrari and run as a privateer. You might also saw some royalties racing in the sport, like Prince Bira of Siam, at that time. Now you can't do that since every team that wants to run the world circus has to get their car built by themselves, although you can outsource it (Haas has Dallara making the cars), you still have to throw money to build the car, and cannot just buy one from an existing team.
Catalina Lacson
Catalina Lacson Pred 2 urami
me:i have no experience nascar:ok your in me:but i have no exper nascar: what ever we let in rookies for crashes
Kyle Forgie
Kyle Forgie Pred 2 urami
As a Canadian maybe I'm probably biased, but I think Stroll has progressed beyond just a pay driver. He's a top 10 driver now.
Frankie Paez
Frankie Paez Pred 3 urami
You just need to go to a team in financial ruin and have your daddy be rich, tell him to pay them for the seat, and your in
Lucky Ducky Driving School
Cool beans, but how do you get into WRC? That's what I'd rather be racing in, anyways.
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Pred 8 urami
Lol, the thumbnail is a Mazepin with Schumacher's car
Luciano Arebalo
Luciano Arebalo Pred 10 urami
Motorsport is a rich people’s sport
#J MANIA Pred 11 urami
How to buy your way into F1: Be the idiot Lance stroll
Cristobal K
Cristobal K Pred 11 urami
Nolan can you make a video for the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup explaining which are the competitive teams, important race dates, freaky facks, etc pls!!!
APEX RACING Pred 12 urami
You're doing well with educating Americans on Formula 1; but to say the drivers "pee in their suits" isn't a point you should share the way you did. It came across as a fact that most on the grid do that. It has happened yes; but its more in the case of endurance racing/rally racing, not formula one.
alan C
alan C Pred 13 urami
F1 has always been for sale !
Nikita Mazepin
Nikita Mazepin Pred 14 urami
Seems someone has been spying on my dad
Stammer Garage
Stammer Garage Pred 14 urami
Spec miata driver here. Climbed my way from Karting
Power 789
Power 789 Pred 14 urami
Does anyone know were I can get Alex’s t-shirt from. The one with the emporio armanj and bmw logos
Tirah5 Pred 16 urami
U-Raal Chem?? Seriously?? Ou-ral Chem!!! damn you muricans. do some research. Ural as in river and mountain range Ural in Russia.
Niclas Horn
Niclas Horn Pred 17 urami
i dont need to watch the video, yes you can, and you always could in F1.. this is not a "new" thing.
Umakant Patil
Umakant Patil Pred 18 urami
It was more than 50 seconds when he said 48 And as a formula 1 fan I think it is just to say that every second counts.😅 PS IV wasted 10 of them typing this comment🙄
Aaron D
Aaron D Pred 19 urami
go get a Motorcycle
PrinZ Pred 22 urami
Lol I've recently discovered the mazespin website
AVP • Pred 22 urami
That ad was great
Alex C
Alex C Pred 23 urami
So you basically have to be rich to be a formula 1 driver
American Mechanic
American Mechanic Pred dnevom
I would love to be an f1 driver
Justice Clum
Justice Clum Pred dnevom
You can buy yourself into anything. Because people are stupid.
FatalDragon69 Pred dnevom
The money needed for F1 is soo wrong, because I bet there's a load of better drivers out there that just don't have the money behind them to get them in to a car !!
Fran Kranjac
Fran Kranjac Pred dnevom
I start dribing kart 3yrs old now i am 13
Wade B
Wade B Pred dnevom
Ship STOCKY to Canada!!! What gives? :(
Jase Pred dnevom
This sounds exactly like Josh Revell's video.. but iz okie
just yeet the chicane
4:04 I've heard of people who spend 200.000 - 300.000 a year
just yeet the chicane
3:05 you don't have to drive a shifter, best option is move to Italy, drive in the national x30 or Rotax class to gain experience, then move to the OK/OKJ and drive at the WSK and FIA events Become world champion and move into single seaters
Taj Tahmeena
Taj Tahmeena Pred dnevom
i love these finance and automotive videos
Lil Blin
Lil Blin Pred dnevom
Ill stick to street racing 😏
8alakai8 Pred dnevom
check jimmy broadbent he is a sim racer doing real races now
zachary hoffa
zachary hoffa Pred dnevom
It’s not talent. No one is born a good driver... it’s a SKILL. he is lacking SKILL. Sorry. Pet peeve
jakubkrcma Pred dnevom
I am not even gonna watch the video because all this Nikita hate is ridiculous. The simple truth is that Nikita is FAR above what most people think. And although there are definitely some better drivers, there are not many of them.
Michael Gia Huy Nguyen
Ilot deserved the seat
Jan Kaas
Jan Kaas Pred dnevom
First race of Verstappen, he was 17 years and 3 days !
alextsang0328 Pred dnevom
Everything is for sale
Broom Broom Cars
Broom Broom Cars Pred dnevom
I started Karting at 7
Eddie 168
Eddie 168 Pred dnevom
Just goes to show money dominates everything
Constable Dodo
Constable Dodo Pred dnevom
Don't knock pay drivers, Senna was also a pay driver, thanks to his rich father.
Michael Gia Huy Nguyen
Difference is that Senna made great impressions in the feeder series, while Mazepin was average
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams Pred 2 dnevi
Cheer up, James. We love you.
Anthony Riordan
Anthony Riordan Pred 2 dnevi
Say what you want, but if you actually watch F1 you'd see Maz has actually been doing better the last 2-3 races.
O Pred 2 dnevi
This is why F1 is less popular than other sports
Aerodynamic Pred 2 dnevi
I like to think in an alternate universe I would be an F1 driver. My dad was considering buying me a go cart around 6 years old but my mom said no. It’s a shame .
DAGATHire Pred 2 dnevi
Money gets you there TALENT keeps you there. It has always been THUS! Moaners about this just know fuck all about F1
Daniil Oxyuk
Daniil Oxyuk Pred 2 dnevi
The advertising is hilarious
Nathan Corbett
Nathan Corbett Pred 2 dnevi
How could you leave out the Suzuki Forenza and the Coke Freestyle Machine 7:00
ringer gamer
ringer gamer Pred 2 dnevi
why was max then 17 yo when he started
ohredhk Pred dnevom
The rule was changed specifically because of Max.
Smallzz Pred 2 dnevi
PrestigeTV Unstoppable
it sa little disrespectfull to say ,"they pee in their seats" that happend maybe a couple of times... but its not the standard. they know that they will be racing 2 hrs for now. so they prepare. or do you pee in your seat if you drive longer then 1,5 hrs + ?
Stankovic Aleksandar
Do we feel jealous here?? Yes he bought the place ... Like Stroll and MSC junior in part. But a little quiz Who won the most races in GP3 2018 ... 2 in F2, Who was divinely (and overly) aggressive in Spa, which we want from the driver ..
kk 5579
kk 5579 Pred 2 dnevi
About damn time😂
Russ Bailey
Russ Bailey Pred 2 dnevi
Great show!
Racing Nerds!
Racing Nerds! Pred 2 dnevi
i want to be a f1 driver and I'm eleven
K P Pred 2 dnevi
A sports magazine has calculated that a child who starts racing go-karts spends an average of 6 million to get to Formula 1. Therefore it is a sport for millionaires, talent has little to do with results.
Sam Pred 2 dnevi
Damon Hill wasn't rich, he used to deliver pizzas to make a living as his father the great Graham Hill didnt have a insurance policy at the time of his death.
Ana A
Ana A Pred 16 urami
But he did have connections.
Sam Pred 2 dnevi
Mate the 40 points are super license points not championship points
dave E P
dave E P Pred 2 dnevi
Ben Soltau
Ben Soltau Pred 2 dnevi
The conmpanies yearly revenue is 100billion Rubel, equal to 1.8 billion USD
Eklingsingh Rathod
Eklingsingh Rathod Pred 2 dnevi
Mr.donut editor this reloading sounds different it isn't as raw/loud as the previous one but yeah thanks for adding it, I don't know whether Nolan likes or not
Julian Marais
Julian Marais Pred 2 dnevi
F1 has always been for sale. Its always been about the money son. If it wasnt there wouldnt be team orders and it would be about racing. That's all.
Lim Jack
Lim Jack Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine we hear "Nikita Mazepin wins the Monaco Gran Prix" in the future
James Wheeler
James Wheeler Pred 3 dnevi
What was with the shItty ZEBRA ad?
special cook day
special cook day Pred 3 dnevi
You also can add Lance Stroll too.
Nik Plays
Nik Plays Pred 3 dnevi
TimTheTatMan Outro song
Wilf Tansley
Wilf Tansley Pred 3 dnevi
Good video, that stocky shit is ridiculously cringe tho
D.j.O'Connor Pred 3 dnevi
Stocky is freaking amazing
Logan Tanner
Logan Tanner Pred 3 dnevi
Thank you for not vilifying Mazapin. Yes, he's not performing well, and yes he paid to play, but without him, Haas may not be on the grid and we may not have had another Schumacher behind the wheel. I for one am ok with...for now.
Big Fella
Big Fella Pred 3 dnevi
lets ask lance stroll
Hartley Vibert
Hartley Vibert Pred 3 dnevi
Keep the F1 videos coming! Just watched Baku and I am so stoked on this season. Would like to see a video about why most modern tracks are pretty lame (Abu Dhabi, France, Russia) and some are pretty cool (Baku, USA (and I say that as a Canadian). I know Mr. Tilke has a lot to do with this but most videos I've watched on the subject are as boring as the tracks themselves. Thanks for great content, guys!
Jessica Woodley
Jessica Woodley Pred 3 dnevi
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Jr. Pred 2 dnevi
Bruh, this is a car video. Why are you talking about crypto?
Kendra Clark
Kendra Clark Pred 3 dnevi
This is an awesome opportunity and a privilege to find someone who is really generous enough to share his winning strategy and carry people along in such a way you hardly find in the space.
Jessica Woodley
Jessica Woodley Pred 3 dnevi
Jessica Woodley
Jessica Woodley Pred 3 dnevi
@Grey Phillips @ He will personally direct you to his link, So Message him now on what's app
Cecil Tharp
Cecil Tharp Pred 3 dnevi
@Grey Phillips his contact information's is ☝️☝️☝️☝️
J Treining
J Treining Pred 3 dnevi
I’m going to be campaigning to participate in lemons lol, hopefully I get lucky
Bogdan Iacovescu
Bogdan Iacovescu Pred 3 dnevi
relax dudes...he`s ok the Hass is impossible to drive that`s all
TheBajamin Pred 3 dnevi
You know those stats you use for losing weight and water and stuff..... That doesn't exist anymore, those are old things. The cars are so easy to drive now they don't even get out of the car sweating. Not saying they aren't fit, but the effort is not what it once was.
Igor Piasecki
Igor Piasecki Pred 3 dnevi
As a follow-up, make a video about drivers who made it into F1 without being super-rich before
David Morfaw
David Morfaw Pred 3 dnevi
Dopest ad ever. I live in Cameroon and I am comparing car insurance prices in the US. I will never see a zebra the same again. I will think of sleep, donuts and insurance
Trung Le
Trung Le Pred 3 dnevi
Well.. yes. Daddy Stroll
drivewayhero Pred 3 dnevi
Russians do that
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez Pred 3 dnevi
10:23 Lewis hamilton, fernando alonso, Michael Schumacher, Esteban ocon, sebastian vettel, kimi raikkonen all came from average backgrounds. Not rich families. There is always a way
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez Pred 3 dnevi
Other motorsports including f1 isn't really pay to play. And sponsors are a thing guys
e Pred 3 dnevi
"I was reading a book the other day and I almost died" Nolan (AKA God of Anything on Wheels), 2021
Lord Shadow
Lord Shadow Pred 3 dnevi
Can you buy yourself into F1 yes, yes you can. Everyone in F1 has deep pockets but if you have rich parents who can sponsor you (and your "new" team). I'm happy to seeing an American into F1
Virus512 Pred 3 dnevi
why is nicholas missing?
weissachpassion Pred 3 dnevi
But there are also many drivers like Lewis Hamilton who’s Familie was actually quite poor… . Of course it was financially hard for them, but Mclaren/Mercedes sponsored him quite early, because they saw his talent. Also Sebastian Vettels Family wasn’t very rich. He just got sponsored from RedBull quite early on.
Light Pred 3 dnevi
He doesn't deserve a seat. Thank you for attending my TED Talk.
Moe Monkey
Moe Monkey Pred 3 dnevi
You forgot to mention the team that Lance Stroll is on is LITERALLY owned by his father. The only difference is that Lance is not half bad and even made podium before.
Nyananymous Pred 3 dnevi
I hope there will be a Honda stocky in the future
Kretox Pred 3 dnevi
5:10 well what is with Max verstappen? he was 16 and drove a f1 car. and with 17. he drove a complete season.
vagjagan Pred 3 dnevi
Highlight "The Zebra" ad 😂
Ignacio Pred 3 dnevi
So you are going to completely ignore mazepin's career in F3 and F2 and also the fact that he and Mick has a shit car that is undrivable just to follow the reddit circlejerk of "mazepin bad"? I mean, at least you could have explain why he spins on almost every race and why he and Mick are always last. They literally have the same car from 2020 without improvements and it got worse due to the 2021 regulations. But hey, let's skip that part
FighterCK Pred 3 dnevi
Lewis Hamilton wasn't rich.
General Mafro
General Mafro Pred 3 dnevi
You do realise theyre all incredibly rich, or they are funded by people who are rich. None of them got there without money. Watch Crash and Byrne, its a doc about an irish man who was talented than most drivers but couldnt make it bc he had no money. Still, he managed to race alongside Senna in the junior categories. Worth a look
General Mafro
General Mafro Pred 3 dnevi
Look at stroll. Prime example of 'money talks'
Sagara Sousuke
Sagara Sousuke Pred 3 dnevi
Yes, and? Stroll is a more obvious example.
I want to watch these videos with interesting topics but theres too many ads and fart jokes that ruins it This video could literally be half the time
Nfk Plo
Nfk Plo Pred 3 dnevi
Max verstappen was 17 when he won his first race so the 19y rule isn't ha 100% true
Drabo7 Pred 3 dnevi
ur ad was so boring that i couldnt skip it.
Jacquie Miller
Jacquie Miller Pred 3 dnevi
The certain volcano extragingivally pack because comfort echographically mend amongst a marvelous cultivator. naughty, garrulous tempo
Ivan Fandy
Ivan Fandy Pred 3 dnevi
did anyone know the song title used in 09:58??
Mytwistedvoices Pred 3 dnevi
I need a Lexus G35 Stocky. White
David Jr
David Jr Pred 3 dnevi
Fake News alert!! Mazespin is making F1 great again, here is the official fb fan club for Nikita Mazespin the goat, please join and support the great one!! facebook.com/groups/517629046265984/?ref=share
see you soon
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