Best Car for Every Zodiac Sign 

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Lots of people believe in Astrology, but can it pick the perfect car for you? We did some research and found out. We found the best car for every Zodiac sign. Did we get your horoscope correct? This a very astrological D-List!

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14. maj. 2021

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Rashi Khokhar
Rashi Khokhar Pred 8 urami
Scorpio= trackhawk
Spartan X-317
Spartan X-317 Pred 9 urami
I like how y'all have a model of my favorite Jaguar (2nd only to the F-type) on your desk
Matt W
Matt W Pred 15 urami
Waited the whole video to find out I'm a Toyota Mirai 🙂 thanks
HeartxLion Pred 17 urami
I'm an Aries. Not mad at the hell cat haha
Christian Orostica
Christian Orostica Pred dnevom
M3 FTW!!
love2sing20101 Pred dnevom
I’m a Gemini. No way in hell I am driving those cars. Actually can’t stand them. Especially Subaru! 🤮
Dain Panton
Dain Panton Pred dnevom
leos are lions libras are a scale fyi
Babanas66 Pred dnevom
mate i ain't getting that ugly car i mean looks depend still... (and i am an aquarius) and i am sad bcuz i would be born on valentinesday lol
FELIX S. Pred dnevom
what sap with the videos i alredy watch them all more content i am starving
Ramon Munoz
Ramon Munoz Pred dnevom
I know we Geminis are two-faces but come on a ssr?? 🤢🤢🤮🤮
ET Trace
ET Trace Pred 2 dnevi
Tempted to downvote, just because I was not satisfied with the Scorpio being a Trailblazer, one of the saddest vehicles built. Thought they could bring it back since I'm a cusp of the Sagittarius just to have #VANLIFE THROWN AT MY FACE
TheKingOfBohemia Pred 2 dnevi
Incorrect. Every good Capricorn knows you go Toyota or Honda, or you go nowhere.
Sergio G Reyes
Sergio G Reyes Pred 2 dnevi
Ouch!! E-350 for sagittarius!!!! We also like style and reliability. A Japanese car would had been a better choice, I rather walk before driving an E-350.
7B_26_Tyrant Qiu
7B_26_Tyrant Qiu Pred 2 dnevi
Apparently even though im supposed to be a Sagittarius, aka an extroverted guy who likes exploring, i am the exact opposite
Gary Squarepants
Gary Squarepants Pred 3 dnevi
I’m a cancer and I am none of the things they said
Melchor Vincent Agot
I'm a Gemini but damn Cancer through Scorpio are so fricking awesome as well as Capricorn and Pisces!
Mathew Lemke
Mathew Lemke Pred 4 dnevi
*bombs a school* 'Sorry, im such an asparagus 🤷"
A work In progress
A work In progress Pred 4 dnevi
I’m a Libra 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I want a Kia stinger sooooooo bad this is hilarious
Anthony de la Rosa
Anthony de la Rosa Pred 4 dnevi
im a gemini and I AM really disappointed with you guys😠 jk , but for real why would i would want to be a baja😭😭😭
Tim Dowell
Tim Dowell Pred 5 dnevi
Did not expect Hellcat redeye
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw Pred 5 dnevi
as a libra i can say 100% Kia Stinger is my jam
Drew Dorman
Drew Dorman Pred 5 dnevi
as cancer i prefer my sti wagon over the 240 wagon…
Wasi Gupito
Wasi Gupito Pred 5 dnevi
I am an Aries but I'd prefer Subaru to Muscle cars
Christopher Bazaka
Christopher Bazaka Pred 5 dnevi
yo Nolan looking much better
Linus7671 / Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra The King
And Pisces is the reason why my 6 year old sister wants a BMW.
Yøûr Løçâł Çâr Güŷ
Every one of these were on point apart from Aquarius, I would’ve said the Z3 M coupd; It stood out, it had an M3 engine so sorta innovative, wasn’t really limited as a car and the looks of a clown shoe don’t matter
Shahzaib Haider
Shahzaib Haider Pred 5 dnevi
I'm an aries and my dream car is an heelcat. Hells yeah
Sir Nitnerolf
Sir Nitnerolf Pred 5 dnevi
So i have to buy an M3 ?.... Alright. I'm a JDM fan but.... That's fine.
Naren Karthikhayan
Naren Karthikhayan Pred 5 dnevi
Excuse me, I am scorpio and I want a Jeep Wrangler
Chris Olsen
Chris Olsen Pred 6 dnevi
SSR or Baha?? Nope...just nope. Lol.
Heath Turner
Heath Turner Pred 6 dnevi
Sagittarius = Toyota Tacoma
Richard Hill
Richard Hill Pred 6 dnevi
I hit the like button. Just cause James asked. 🤣🤣. Seriously think you got Scorpio wrong. Fire n I think 2020 dodge charger hellcat widebody b5 blue peanut butter interior sunroof red belts brass monkey wheels carbon fiber strips premo sound tinted windows...
Marie Hitchler
Marie Hitchler Pred 6 dnevi
I despise the cayenne and I take personal offense
CloroxBleachTM Pred 6 dnevi
I wanted a tuner, but being a Saggitarius, I guess i'm meant for the homeless life
Iana Hunter
Iana Hunter Pred 6 dnevi
As a cancer I hate it.😂
Sangar Lingam
Sangar Lingam Pred 6 dnevi
Yeah im aries🔥
Lijah Pinto
Lijah Pinto Pred 7 dnevi
I knew I always liked Nolan and James for some reason #piscesgang 🤙
5speed outdoors
5speed outdoors Pred 7 dnevi
As a Taurus I would pic a ram 2500 Laramie
turtleborg Pred 7 dnevi
Fuck this Zodiac stuff. I'd never drive a shit like KIA honestly. I love muscle cars. I swear to God, Libras get the shittiest stuff in these funny Zodiac pics/videos
Leonid Pred 7 dnevi
I'm a sagittarius and how am I supposed to escape this world with such speed?!?!
AceOfNothing Pred 7 dnevi
Ford Taurus would've actually been perfect for Taurus lol
Roda BBS
Roda BBS Pred 7 dnevi
Estão ficando sem ideias né?
Skyler Gaming
Skyler Gaming Pred 7 dnevi
I'm a Taurus and I'm glad with the F-150
joshua lahamouth
joshua lahamouth Pred 7 dnevi
I’m a Pisces and I’ve been debating whether I should get a bmw m340i, a Lexus GS-F, or Mercedes C63s coupe
javas setyadi
javas setyadi Pred 7 dnevi
Me: leo James: you have to buy lamborghini aventador svj Me: alright il save up i only need 700k
Muhammad Q.
Muhammad Q. Pred 7 dnevi
Capricorn should get a Toyota Land Cruiser
Captured Society
Captured Society Pred 8 dnevi
As a Gemini, I wanted both the Baja AND the SSR. I feel attacked.
S4MUR4I_ C00Nz
S4MUR4I_ C00Nz Pred 8 dnevi
I got stuck with a Chevy trailblazer ss
The Enchilada
The Enchilada Pred 8 dnevi
F-150 for me? sounds about right
123bombs away
123bombs away Pred 8 dnevi
As a Sagittarius take that Van off my $h!t
Patrick Grimes
Patrick Grimes Pred 8 dnevi
Or an escalade ext.
Patrick Grimes
Patrick Grimes Pred 8 dnevi
I'm a Gemini and I'd prefer an Avalanche over an ssr or Baja.
Patrick Grimes
Patrick Grimes Pred 8 dnevi
I love Donut
Ethan Graham
Ethan Graham Pred 8 dnevi
Raphael Sindermann
Raphael Sindermann Pred 8 dnevi
If the Leo isn't getting the Mustang 65 I am very sad Edit; I am not sad
Spidouche !!!
Spidouche !!! Pred 8 dnevi
You got sagittarius's approval for the van. I love it !
M Bloom • 4 years ago
Me being a cancer and wanting a dodge challenger hellcet no.
Justin Tyler
Justin Tyler Pred 8 dnevi
Y'all said the same car I did for cancer. I ain't even bout this shit.
Ray 832
Ray 832 Pred 8 dnevi
This video should have an electric version because fortunately/unfortunately we’re all gonna be electrical in the future
RogueLeader81 Pred 9 dnevi
Scorpio = M5… big miss here boys
jurrasic jack 51
jurrasic jack 51 Pred 9 dnevi
I was born in febuary so I guess that makes my an aquarius and I dont like electric/hybrid , eco friendly vehicles but I dont really believe in star signs
curryspiders Pred 9 dnevi
u dont know astrology 😀
IcerzedHyped Pred 9 dnevi
Libra made me upset
MR PRIDE Pred 9 dnevi
aventador svj lets go( like if leo)
threel Pred 9 dnevi
I am offended by the Kia Stinger on a personal level, even tho I don't believe in this shit.
ThatRedHeadWeeb Pred 9 dnevi
Space racism
Nos Boiz
Nos Boiz Pred 9 dnevi
Being an Aquarius kinda blows ngl
Mari MUA
Mari MUA Pred 10 dnevi
I'm a Libra and have been OBSESSING over the 2022 Stinger Scorpion😅💀👀
Mindyo Bizness
Mindyo Bizness Pred 10 dnevi
I don’t believe in astrology, but the fact that I’m a Libra and was legit thinking of buying a Stinger for those exact reasons is pretty funny to me.
Ryan Byrne
Ryan Byrne Pred 10 dnevi
I'm a Taurus and my first car was an 87 Taurus, followed by a Taurus sho. Drive a b8 s4 now.
Adam Guerra
Adam Guerra Pred 10 dnevi
Thanks for lmk the helix has a free 100 day trail😂
Donald Whitlock
Donald Whitlock Pred 10 dnevi
Imagine basing you’re personality on a zodiac
Morrowfury Gaming
Morrowfury Gaming Pred 10 dnevi
Your not sorry and I’m not sorry for calling you stupid
Sbx Dotcom
Sbx Dotcom Pred 10 dnevi
I love astrology but not more than Nolan. Marry me 💍
csquarednc Pred 10 dnevi
Virgo here. 😊 1993 Mazda RX-7 R1 1993 Autozam AZ-1 2012 Subaru WRX STI 5-door Guess I’m getting a Porsche Cayenne next. 😂
jackson ;
jackson ; Pred 10 dnevi
Drake assertive and confrontational??🤣🤣🤣 You know he still has nightmares about Pusha
Ricky Burgess
Ricky Burgess Pred 10 dnevi
Wtf I only drive Volvo how did they know
jackson ;
jackson ; Pred 10 dnevi
friendly reminder zodiac signs hold no weight whatsoever, there's almost 8 billion people on this planet, & between them there are more than 12 personality types. It's just confirmation bias. Why that's harder to believe than star charts affecting intelligent life lightyears away, i have no idea. (also, the night sky isn't 2D, so if we were on the other side of the galaxy looking from a different perspective, they wouldn't even form star signs) DUR DUR DURRR
Zahra Michelle
Zahra Michelle Pred 10 dnevi
They actually nailed the first one. I love the hellcat for the demon
SPARTAN A98 Pred 10 dnevi
I'm a Sagittarius with a Hellcat. Do I need to sell it now or?
Riley Tuell
Riley Tuell Pred 11 dnevi
I’m an aquarium but I don’t want that Toyota 😂 it’s kinda funny because I work at Toyota
acethedisturbed Pred 11 dnevi
Aries is a ram. Dodge Ram too on the nose?
Idols Rule
Idols Rule Pred 11 dnevi
Me: Anything but old people-looking car Me: *cancer* Cancer: Volvo Me: Now I know what they mean by Cancers are old souls….
AyyoItzJeepin Pred 11 dnevi
I’d never take a Challenger unless it was a GT. I’m a Aries.
Kymmberliestarr Pred 11 dnevi
I had a M3 and it was a hunk of junk. I know all brands have their lemons but it was one after one within 6 months. My water pump went out. My door frame come completely off just while shutting the door. For that price point I don't want any issues for the first year. I forked out thousands for that car the first year and I will never own anther BMW. Ever! I'm a Capricorn anyways so I shouldn't have been in a BMW I should have bought the G Wagon and to be honest I prefer an suv now. I'm looking to buy one but I do like I suv not too long or rectangular shape and I prefer a square shape like an element, new bronco, jeep wrangler etc. I've got it down to two suv's the aqura which is not square but still smaller more like my Honda CRV and the new bronco. I placed a reservation on the bronco but if it keeps getting delayed I'll have to find something in the mean time since someone decided to total my CRV.
Acabal Henri Nestle
Acabal Henri Nestle Pred 11 dnevi
im a sagittarius and it is legit. i like van that also a house
hironmoy lahon
hironmoy lahon Pred 11 dnevi
I knew that you'd pick a better car for yourselves
hironmoy lahon
hironmoy lahon Pred 11 dnevi
I'm a Sagittarius I didn't like my ride. Hoohoo
chiranjeevi kg
chiranjeevi kg Pred 11 dnevi
"if you're a leo, get a lambo" Me: cries in tifosi
Dustin Quarles
Dustin Quarles Pred 12 dnevi
Aquarius? 🖕🏼😂
Joe Jose aguilar
Joe Jose aguilar Pred 12 dnevi
Japanese. Not german you cxxxs . How dare you.
Bare Rose
Bare Rose Pred 12 dnevi
I'm an Aries, which means I have 23 cars & trucks nothing newer than 1969. My favorite changes near daily, but right now it's the '58 Fairlane. My wife is a Libra, which means she has the 2021 Ford Edge Platinum and the only one that really runs.
Gavin olsen
Gavin olsen Pred 12 dnevi
"This is real" Me an aquarius: The looks of a car are definitely one of the more important things in a car and the mirai is ugly as hel
Jontebakhjul kautto
Jontebakhjul kautto Pred 12 dnevi
Im buying me a van .😘😅😂💯🙏👌
California Spotter
California Spotter Pred 12 dnevi
As a libra i can confirm we like our kias
Marius B
Marius B Pred 12 dnevi
RIP sagittarius...lamest car in the list
Metroplex Pred 12 dnevi
13:23 ah, so main characters?
Metroplex Pred 12 dnevi
8:14 Guess that fits me
John Moni
John Moni Pred 12 dnevi
The Kia is my dream wtf u guys are on point
Nevin Storie
Nevin Storie Pred 12 dnevi
Chevy ss negative fuck that!
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