That Time Muhammad Ali Bought a FAILING Carmaker 

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What do you get when you mix a Brazilian sportscar maker, a legendary boxer, and a plan to sell 400 exclusive drop tops? You get one of the strangest stories we’ve ever told on this show! This is the wild saga of the Puma Al Fassi. It floats like a butterfly, stings like a…nvm. You get it.

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24. maj. 2021

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Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy Pred 2 dnevi
I didn't know puma was a big thing here in Brazil, I see some of those once in a while.
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy Pred 2 dnevi
Sei que vc, sim, vc Brasileiro, também só ouvia Muhamed Alface...kkk
Eduardo Chaves
Eduardo Chaves Pred 2 dnevi
Shout out from a Brazillian Sub!
Juliano Pimentel Testa
the only part where I not sure is , the rebirth in South Africa, I pretty sure they restart the project in Brasil.
BathRo Pred 5 dnevi
Kiryu Coco please dont go
Iiiiiih que isso mané tá de tiração com minha cara
Ryan Stevens
Ryan Stevens Pred 6 dnevi
Should do an athletes best collection list... then you could also do one covering racing legends and their normal/exotic/ridiculous rides...
Mogale Matlala
Mogale Matlala Pred 6 dnevi
Bro I'm from SA buh ion even know the Pima car lol🤣
yazeed 911
yazeed 911 Pred 6 dnevi
Every time they bring up Saudi I get excited my country is being mentioned
SevenDeMagnus Pred 6 dnevi
Cool, investing. I get why Ali, invested, it's a beautiful looking car, like the Maxda and the Jaguar from the 70's God bless, Revelation 21:4
Rodrigo Nogueira Mota
Donut Media: puts a Brazilian flag... Brazilians: meeeeeeeeenggoooooooo!!!!!!
Pedro Linhares Machado Marchi
As a Brazilian I fell honored to have a episode on wheelhouse dedicated to our automotive history. Please make an episode on Gurgel, this dude was a visionary! Thanks dudes!
Dingo Pred 9 dnevi
that picture really is in every classroom thats so accurate lmao 😂
Radeo Dreams
Radeo Dreams Pred 10 dnevi
where is the Gurgel in the story?
André Luiz Tiago Soares
Am I tripping or are animations particularly good in this video?
Edwin de Paula
Edwin de Paula Pred 10 dnevi
lol the picture you guys got for araucária veículos is from a random dealership in paraná
João Henrique
João Henrique Pred 11 dnevi
Donut falando da Puma, nunca imaginei que veria isso kkkk Cadê os BR?
Fellipe Navarro
Fellipe Navarro Pred 12 dnevi
Opa, you just said Brazil?
Matuca Matchola
Matuca Matchola Pred 12 dnevi
If you put Brazil in the title, you'd get soooo much more views
Max Micheloni
Max Micheloni Pred 12 dnevi
I have one puma gts 76. Wheeee.
viswa srujith
viswa srujith Pred 12 dnevi
Do a detailed documantary about TATA motors of India.
Samuel Aguina
Samuel Aguina Pred 13 dnevi
How about dina motors from Mexico
Ily Rod
Ily Rod Pred 13 dnevi
I love his voice
rabbi bd
rabbi bd Pred 13 dnevi
Muhammad ali❤️❤️❤️
João Brigato
João Brigato Pred 13 dnevi
Been brazilian and having a video about our cars here is amazing. But, as we like memes, I can't handle with Al Fassi (is lettuce in Portuguese)
Lucas Falcao
Lucas Falcao Pred 13 dnevi
Brasilian car history has some pretty interesting things
Pratap P
Pratap P Pred 13 dnevi
How the host pronounces “puma” 😂😂😂
Futo Karin
Futo Karin Pred 14 dnevi
Renato Nehr
Renato Nehr Pred 14 dnevi
quem vai fazer a legenda em PT BR pra eu poder mandar esse video pro meu veio!! kkk Mo preguica
Walter Jr.
Walter Jr. Pred 14 dnevi
Oh no mention of the Puma GTB and Puma AMV?
Jigsjigz Pred 14 dnevi
Who's Moohammed ali
Megumin Crimson
Megumin Crimson Pred 14 dnevi
Gustavo Reis
Gustavo Reis Pred 15 dnevi
Fun fact: Al Fassi is the right pronunciation for the lettuce in Portuguese
usa flag
usa flag Pred 15 dnevi
That’s gold car look sick I would bought one of those.
micah fuller
micah fuller Pred 15 dnevi
Ol "shake" al fassi seemed like a crazy guy to hang out with. Haha
Marcelo Maricate
Marcelo Maricate Pred 15 dnevi
O país dos memes!
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique Pred 16 dnevi
yeah, that ending is totally incorrect. puma is still in brazil, and you showed the brazilian prototype. gj on reasearching...
Mitchell Lewis
Mitchell Lewis Pred 16 dnevi
Ali was a pos person, I found this one hard to watch
Markus-Frank Jünemann
Bruh, so many mistakes in one video.... This is so badly researched... Subscription stopped.
Icaro Turci
Icaro Turci Pred 16 dnevi
Curiosity: "Al fasi" in portuguese sounds exactly like "Alface", that means lettuce!
Marty Woolf
Marty Woolf Pred 16 dnevi
yo the zoom and enhance into that DKW at 2:38 is underrated
Alias SmithandJones
Alias SmithandJones Pred 16 dnevi
Ford had an assembly factory in Brazil a hundred years ago? I don't think that's factual. Ford built a rubber plantation and named it 'Fordlandia' so they could produce their own tires but it was a dismal failure.
Pedro 919
Pedro 919 Pred 16 dnevi
As a brazilian pumas are sick up to this day 😍
TheSdrubs Pred 16 dnevi
Al Fasse sounds like lettuce in portuguese. Oh, and aqui é Brasil, porra, by the way.
Cody Musser
Cody Musser Pred 16 dnevi
This was a neat video
João Gustavo Di Salvio Teixeira
Have you heard about a genuine brazilian company called Gurgel?
The Dungeon Studio
The Dungeon Studio Pred 17 dnevi
FBI Agent
FBI Agent Pred 17 dnevi
So... that's mean there is a 400 to 1440 car in Saudi Arabia that is very rare ???
Ole Bror
Ole Bror Pred 17 dnevi
Do a story on all the times entrepreneurs tried to start car production in Norway, the most famous one is Think which had production help from Porche. And another one is Mustad built in 1917, with six wheels and It also had headlights that followed the right and left wheel movements in the front.
Pablo Olivero
Pablo Olivero Pred 17 dnevi
I Still waiting for a Up to speed of Fangio.
Pablo Olivero
Pablo Olivero Pred 17 dnevi
Talk about Fangio
HJ GHOST Pred 17 dnevi
please make a video of Gurgel we would be very happy
julio pinto
julio pinto Pred 17 dnevi
I know this is completely off topic but just so you guys know the army used y’all’s videos to teach new mechanics car stuff that’s how dope y’all are
Renato Buzinaro
Renato Buzinaro Pred 17 dnevi
nothing better to represent brazil than a fail!
cheers.com.au Pred 17 dnevi
The Holden commodore was going to be exported to LHD countries using the Saab 2.3L engine as it was all under GM
11 B
11 B Pred 17 dnevi
Your pronunciation isn't bad. Good video!
11 B
11 B Pred 17 dnevi
I get so happy when my country is cited in something. AEEEE BRASIL OBRIGADO.
Rex Christian Elle
Rex Christian Elle Pred 17 dnevi
Content suggestion: Jeepneys in the Philippines ft. American G.I
amvl Pred 17 dnevi
Puma Alface : Puma Lettuce
Eklingsingh Rathore
Eklingsingh Rathore Pred 17 dnevi
Almost at the end
Eklingsingh Rathore
Eklingsingh Rathore Pred 17 dnevi
Hey mr donut editor you also forget to add the gun reloading sound in the end of the video
Fire Knight
Fire Knight Pred 17 dnevi
Clay bay fake the ta that got taken for a long ride at least he didn't try and safe a car company by selling cocaine
Jimmy Fish
Jimmy Fish Pred 17 dnevi
Stimulating the economy by tariffing imports. What a novel concept….
Nasir Abbasi
Nasir Abbasi Pred 18 dnevi
Savage YT
Savage YT Pred 18 dnevi
id buy it
W Cube
W Cube Pred 18 dnevi
Absolutely awesome information- wow
cris dlcruz
cris dlcruz Pred 18 dnevi
Nolan the whitest kid you'll know
Bruno Andreon
Bruno Andreon Pred 18 dnevi
Great story! Please, do the same with Gurgel and Amazonas.
Eugénio Montês
Eugénio Montês Pred 18 dnevi
en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UMM_(Uni%C3%A3o_Metalo-Mec%C3%A2nica) Well I just made yourself work for a few decades, there are lots of attempts of car brands around the world, here in Portugal the most famous was the UMM. The legend says that UMM Alter chassis was the toughest in the market and went on to inspire a generation of Nissan Patrol... Anyway it was a cool off road vehicle that made a bright presence in the Dakar rally...
Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart Pred 18 dnevi
Pyuma, not pooma
Alexis 200SX
Alexis 200SX Pred 18 dnevi
Wait! Where is James' country song ad?
Dalia Racer
Dalia Racer Pred 18 dnevi
As a Brazilian it's really funny to hear him saying brazilian words with the american accent haha!!
J Pred 18 dnevi
3:21 wow you butchered the shit out of that name lol
geezyX 333
geezyX 333 Pred 18 dnevi
That new puma looks like the Coil electric car from GTA V
SuperFruitstand Pred 18 dnevi
Some should have given Nolan a quick Portuguese lesson😂😂😂 I give him probs for trying with the pronunciation tho.
Juliano Souza Chaves
Juliano Souza Chaves Pred 18 dnevi
It's such a shame SLtv removed community subtitles. I really wanted to to translate it to Portuguese to show the video to my father and my uncle who had a Puma GT
Josh Groenewald
Josh Groenewald Pred 18 dnevi
South Africa we make that?
han han
han han Pred 18 dnevi
rich man from Malaysia bought lamboghini
Felix Ortiz
Felix Ortiz Pred 18 dnevi
You should talking about the Dominican guy that built a car outta straight wood or the Dominican that made his own f1 car in Dominican Republic
Tiago Paulo gois
Tiago Paulo gois Pred 18 dnevi
Drag Media
Drag Media Pred 18 dnevi
The 50s when every rich guy was a racing driver in their own right
kieran finney
kieran finney Pred 18 dnevi
I was a passenger in a Puma GT in my early teens in Canada. It was a lot like an Opel GT (pretty common in BC).
EjTnT Pred 18 dnevi
How about the Greek Pony cars? en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namco_(automobiles)
General Pinochet
General Pinochet Pred 18 dnevi
Well after seeing this I think the convertible special is a wreck on my city
1 0
1 0 Pred 18 dnevi
Civil rights activist? You mean guy who called for lynching interracial couples?
Rafael Pred 18 dnevi
Amazing video! The only mistake is that there are now two Pumas. One is the South African Puma, that making this Dakar prototype like vehicle, and the other is the Brazilian one, that is making the Luminari and other small sports cars.
Zac Apps
Zac Apps Pred 19 dnevi
Donut needs more Up to Speed Videos. Nolan should do a parody
TBustah Pred 19 dnevi
Adding all of that stuff to the Puma shell wasn’t a big deal. These are VW Type 1s we’re talking about: most of the mechanical parts are attached to the chassis (or as the ethusiasts call it, floorpan or pan), while the body shell is a separate piece. That’s part of the reason that there were so many European coachbuilders who built cars on these chassis after the war (including Karmann themselves) and so many kit cars have been based on it over the years. All a Puma owner would have to do is find a donor Ghia, get it running if it wasn’t already, unbolt the Ghia shell, and attach the Puma shell. It’s actually possible to run a Type 1 chassis with no body attached to it (which quite a few people did before the Manx-type was invented), that’s how modular the design is.
Carlos Anderson
Carlos Anderson Pred 19 dnevi
São Paulo é a cidade melhora. ✌🇺🇸🇧🇷
magoo73 Pred 19 dnevi
Como o brasileirinho eh carente... e ainda querem vídeos sobre as carroças que tentamos produzir!!! PQP!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Camilo Gomez Keep
Camilo Gomez Keep Pred 19 dnevi
1:55 this is the reason Mazda’s aren’t sold in Brazil.
Felipe Bitu
Felipe Bitu Pred 19 dnevi
A lot of mistakes: just can't believe, this is sub-standard compared to other Donut productions. Greetings from Brazil.
Brady Madison
Brady Madison Pred 19 dnevi
This is an Up to Speed, does James know lol
mick heaton
mick heaton Pred 19 dnevi
Mike Mazowski in his sick Briggs and Stratton Hybrid. FIFY
Pedro Augusto Roque
Pedro Augusto Roque Pred 19 dnevi
das pistas nascemos e nas pistas voltaremos
Why Not?
Why Not? Pred 19 dnevi
I wonder if they'll touch up on region locked cars In my country, Toyota Kijangs are EVERYWHERE
bruno po
bruno po Pred 19 dnevi
you should have showed the puma gtb
jaime atilano
jaime atilano Pred 19 dnevi
yall should chekc out dina the mexican truck company. i have always wanted to import an old dina from my grandpas home town
Mad Pred 19 dnevi
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