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All sports have heroes, legends, and icons. Dale Earnhardt Sr. ticks all three of those boxes. NASCAR’s “Intimidator” is one of three men to win the Winston Cup Championship an incredible seven times, but the road to NASCAR glory wasn’t easy. His is a true story of the American dream! Join James Pumphrey as he rides shotgun in #3… buckle up NASCAR fans, and let’s do it for Dale!

Footage © NASCAR media Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

“Pass in the Grass” footage courtesy of Charlotte Motor Speedway, LLC.

Big thanks to the primary source for this episode, “At the Altar of Speed: The Fast Life and Tragic Death of Dale Earnhardt,” by Leigh Montville

Thanks to Carlos R. Bobadilla for the killer illustrations on short notice. Check out more of his work on Instagram: sorqus

Big ups to Raghav Arumugam for the always stellar animation work. Dig his SLtv page channel for more: sltv.info

Props to Guilherme Lopes (@_glopes on the gram) for the dope editing, and to Zach for bringing it home.

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6. maj. 2021

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Andy Denison
Andy Denison Pred 7 urami
Good luck penny, honest to goodness emotion, and my autosport reference is now donut awesome and da feeling media. Damnamagang! If I find out you did a senna imola episode I might need someone to hold my hand.... And I weigh 130 kg with a centre of gravity akin to a London bus.
Andy Denison
Andy Denison Pred 7 urami
BBC and NBC would hold their lip but this is exactly how history should be exposed... With deep down heart.
Andy Denison
Andy Denison Pred 7 urami
Ooouff #feels
beancraftboy21 Pred 8 urami
11:38 pause
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Pred 13 urami
You joke but I actually had a hollow humorous bone which broke 4 times before I had to get steroids injected into the bone.
Andrew Rich
Andrew Rich Pred 14 urami
Raise hell, praise Dale
Ryan The Great
Ryan The Great Pred 17 urami
Hector Edmondson
Hector Edmondson Pred dnevom
A thing on rock crawler
Jardin Boot
Jardin Boot Pred dnevom
I'm far from a nascar fan , But Dale was just one of those figures that will live forever in hearts of motorsports fans world wide forever . Do it for Dale!!
Nicholas Bingham
Nicholas Bingham Pred dnevom
Up to speed on rusty Wallace guys. My grandmother just passed away and her and I have loved rusty since I was 5
Brandon Sias
Brandon Sias Pred dnevom
Thank you Dale!
Landon Vonderhaar
Landon Vonderhaar Pred dnevom
The next Up To Speed should be about either Polaris or the Chevy C-10. Please James
Da One TL
Da One TL Pred 2 dnevi
I was born about 3 years after Dale died. When I was about 5, my uncle (the most unlikely nascar fan, don’t ask why) showed me this collection he had where he said he recorded every single Dale race. He played me the most important ones in chronological order, which made me a fan. Then he showed me the last one. The last recording ended before the race did.
The Boolin Redneck
The Boolin Redneck Pred 2 dnevi
EmpLemon made a pretty good video aswell on Dale earmhart if anyone wants to see it but this is pretty good
FOR DALE !!!! 😭😭😭
Raymond Walker
Raymond Walker Pred 2 dnevi
Raise hell praise Dale!!!!!
boof bo
boof bo Pred 3 dnevi
Please we need a up to speed in keiichi tsuchiya
bluecamarodriver94 Pred 3 dnevi
Your the man bro! Can just tell you're so down to earth
yarrowind9 Pred 3 dnevi
DO IT FOR DALE I love you, thank you for that awesome vision for the younger generation to strive for
Steve Posey
Steve Posey Pred 3 dnevi
Great tribute. Although I grew up in the 90s I didn't start watching Nascar until my adulthood. This was very informative and solidifies the respect he earned throughout his career. Thank you for making this video it tonight me alot about a legend.
Chase Schwinn
Chase Schwinn Pred 3 dnevi
Jarrett Reese
Jarrett Reese Pred 3 dnevi
My favorite episode of up to speed ever
Bolisay Jeff Ronan M.
He's either invincible or the goat or both. he's the invincible goat.
Hayden Newton
Hayden Newton Pred 3 dnevi
I have so much Dale Earnhart collectibles. My favorite thing abt him is that everyone said that when he died, nascar died. Which was so true
Cody Dillon
Cody Dillon Pred 4 dnevi
"Darth Vader black car." That was awesome...long with the laser effects
Tyler Griffis
Tyler Griffis Pred 4 dnevi
I hope someone close to Dale Jr. showed him this video, to show him how much people still love and care about his dad and what he did for racing. To remind him how he inspired people he never even met and 20 years later still brings them to tears. Thank you James for not editing out those moments and showing the true passion you have for this, you're a great guy and you guys at Donut are a great team. Do it for Dale.
Joe Ham
Joe Ham Pred 4 dnevi
AHappyTeddyDog Pred 4 dnevi
What is Kevin Spacey doin at 5:18 in the back
The Rayven
The Rayven Pred 4 dnevi
I remember the newscast the day he died... When I first heard it, I thought nothing of it... People die all the time I'm motorsports back then... But when I realized who it was, I had to watch again... And upon realizing who it was, my heart stopped at that moment... I couldn't believe it... Denial set in... I didn't want to believe the man was gone... I watched a many of races, looking for that black number 3 that never showed... Eventually I accepted he was gone... Though I never met the in person, I felt as though I lost a member of my family... I grew up watching up watching Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, Bennie Pearson, Rusty Wallace... Guys like that... Earnhardt was a mentor of mine... And when I took up racing for a short time, I learned from him... I'm a sim racer now, but still use the Earnhardt mentality... Dale Earnhardt Sr., You will not be forgotten... He now is among other motorsport Legends like Ayrton Senna, Colin McRae, Sapine Schmidt, and others... Drivers come and drivers go, but the LEGENDS, live forever...
Twinz888 Pred 4 dnevi
Fake cry
211212112 Pred 4 dnevi
That damn penny got me
211212112 Pred 4 dnevi
NC BBQ sucks. I wouldn’t even consider it BBQ. And the sauce was pretty much just vinegar.
Weston Vaughn
Weston Vaughn Pred 4 dnevi
This has been my favorite up to speed so far. Made me tear up a little. #DO IT FOR DALE
Clint Girodat
Clint Girodat Pred 4 dnevi
I remember it all when it happen but thanks James for making a 36 year old man into a cry baby. Go Dale #3
Destiny Tom
Destiny Tom Pred 4 dnevi
The earthy nylon methodically dislike because gold briefly bang despite a magenta low. giddy, noisy palm
Steven Clackley
Steven Clackley Pred 4 dnevi
Bro it could not had been any better if anyone else had done it.
charles huber
charles huber Pred 5 dnevi
It’s said that If dale been involved in the first crash he might not have died in the second one because he wouldn’t be in the position he was in
Gabriel Macedo
Gabriel Macedo Pred 6 dnevi
His crash was a ridiculous way to die. How could someone survive the 96 crash and die with a ridiculous wall hit like this?!
shaggjkh1985 Pred 6 dnevi
Dale lives in my motor.
BloxRecords Pred 6 dnevi
My dream car is now a simple monte carlo with the number 3 on it
Will Hand
Will Hand Pred 6 dnevi
Are we not gonna talk about the time he flipped the car and went back into the race
Mindblow Pred 6 dnevi
EmpLemon made a brilliant video about Dale Earnhardt. Seriously check it out.
I_AM2 Pred 7 dnevi
Dale Earnhardt... GREAT driver, but willing to put ANYONE into the wall in order to win. REGARDLESS of the danger that entailed.
LatinoHeatWin Pred 7 dnevi
Hey guys! Where is my Nissan Stagea Up to Speed video??? ❤
Tim G
Tim G Pred 7 dnevi
Greatest nickname in sports history.
Tim G
Tim G Pred 7 dnevi
Dale didn't have enough of a single paint for his first car. So, he combined all of the paint cans together to have enough. It came out pink! It also was good enough to run near the top. Won enough money for more paint!
Darrell Wiegand
Darrell Wiegand Pred 7 dnevi
Best and hardest episode to watch
Pat Clevenger
Pat Clevenger Pred 7 dnevi
20 years later and we still do it for dale.
Patrick Castillo
Patrick Castillo Pred 7 dnevi
Doooooooo it for daaaale
Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy Pred 7 dnevi
I remember where I was when I saw Dale Earnhardt's death: I was at a friend's birthday party that day and got to watch the final laps at home on Topeka Avenue in Wildwood Crest, NJ, and when I saw Ken Schrader frantically waiving his arms for safety crews, I knew something was wrong, and I was six
Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs Pred 7 dnevi
Dale was Nascar
Matt Pred 8 dnevi
My wife started crying during this...and she knows nothing about cars or racing. well done!
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald Pred 8 dnevi
Niki Lauda next?
Andrew ONeil
Andrew ONeil Pred 8 dnevi
You gotta be a legend to have a fucking amazing roller coaster named after you
Noah McBride
Noah McBride Pred 8 dnevi
Damn, who put this lump in my throat🥺
Eternity Pred 8 dnevi
had me tearing up
Tony Braswell
Tony Braswell Pred 8 dnevi
I wasn't expecting this story to hit me in the feels as hard as it did
The Umonsta
The Umonsta Pred 8 dnevi
Truly inspiring. #3
Remi Ramos
Remi Ramos Pred 8 dnevi
WTF, why are my eyes sweating? 😭
Thomas Leduc
Thomas Leduc Pred 8 dnevi
You made me cry infront of my mom
Remi Ramos
Remi Ramos Pred 8 dnevi
I was in Daytona, right outside the Speedway when the crash happened. 😢
Brandon Talamante
Brandon Talamante Pred 8 dnevi
Best video Ive seen man seeing nascar reminds me of my dad hard-working guy I miss him allot rest in peace to my pops and to dale earnhardt.
CorDarrius Bowe
CorDarrius Bowe Pred 8 dnevi
I cry when he passed 3 forever
Alec Stage
Alec Stage Pred 9 dnevi
came back to rewatch this one again, and damn if it doesn't hit just as hard. you guys did phenomenal on this episode of up to speed
Sloppy 1 Hundred
Sloppy 1 Hundred Pred 9 dnevi
Can I still get a sticker? 😭
Sloppy 1 Hundred
Sloppy 1 Hundred Pred 9 dnevi
"Racing, like North Carolina BBQ Sauce was in his blood" this dude hilarious 😂 He should try stand up comedy
peterx213 Pred 9 dnevi
This was an awesome video. I have been a HUGE Dale fan and cried myself when he died watching that race.
mike westbrook
mike westbrook Pred 9 dnevi
Not gonna lie that dumbass ad with that that dumbass skit ruined the video for me. Please do better so I don’t have to beat my wife out of frustration.
bk_nreynolds 32
bk_nreynolds 32 Pred 9 dnevi
Blue Collar Forever
meltedwogs Pred 9 dnevi
raise hell praise dale #3🕊
Josh 03
Josh 03 Pred 9 dnevi
Got so much Dale Earnhardt memorabilia
Shaun Foley
Shaun Foley Pred 9 dnevi
I came in for car info and walked out with wet eyes. That hit me right in the feelz
TomLehockySVK Pred 9 dnevi
Dale Sr. is my childhood hero, and i watch EVERYTHING there is to watch about him, but this video was near impossible for me to finish to the end. WHY is it so over-edited, with you constantly moving around all over the place, constant cuts, zoomed-in cuts on your face when you are talking about something ? Jesus Christ just SHOW us what you are talking about, instead of showing yourself sitting in front of a green screen half of the video ! Just awful editing all-around.
Papa Torr
Papa Torr Pred 9 dnevi
Is "blocking" at 150mph allowed in NASCAR? I know whenever I'm trying to do something for one of my kids, I don't look out for me, and make dumb mistakes. Wasn't Dale Sr. blocking for Dale Jr., who was on another team? Isn't that some kind of cheating? Am I going too far in suspecting that he was endangering his life as well as that of the drivers near him? Unnecessarily? No boo hoo for me, thanks. Let's celebrate that he didn't take anyone else out.
SpikeRukal Pred 9 dnevi
I remember hating Earnhardt my entire childhood, Davey Allison was my guy. But on the day of his death, even I mourned that legends passing. Earnhardt was NASCAR.
Mango Dango
Mango Dango Pred 9 dnevi
Up to speed on a Mitsubishi Starion/ Chrysler Conquest
gnr311182pj Pred 9 dnevi
Ok I did…I lol a bit at the Darth Vader bit😬🤘🏻
Marcos Paulo
Marcos Paulo Pred 10 dnevi
Why fucking dislikes??? Like folks!!!
CRIS LEMØNZ Pred 10 dnevi
MechaNuts Pred 10 dnevi
Yep me too buddy
Ryan Misrasi
Ryan Misrasi Pred 10 dnevi
I’ve always loved cars and although I’ve always had an appreciation for NASCAR, I’ve never been huge into it. But watching this story timeline about Sr. sure hit me right in the feels! I have now gained a new level of appreciation for the sport and the legend! On a side note, several years ago I was at the Bar J Ranch in Jackson Hole, WY to have dinner at the Chuckwagon and watch the Bar J Wranglers perform. I walked into the men’s room to use the urinal and no shit, Richard Petty himself walked up and used the pisser right next to me! Later on outside the wife and I got his autograph on the back of a Walmart receipt she had in her purse. Lol, if that ain’t country I’ll kiss your ass!
DoItForDale Pred 10 dnevi
I like this video
Kevin Mopar12
Kevin Mopar12 Pred 10 dnevi
This is my first Donut video. I cried along with you brother as you spoke. Real emotion for a deserved legend, my respect for not doing an edited version with your emotions in check. Do it for Dale!
Redhead Jedi
Redhead Jedi Pred 10 dnevi
Joe D
Joe D Pred 10 dnevi
"Dunkler Vater" is German for Dark Father, js
Michael McClendon
Michael McClendon Pred 10 dnevi
I love the content Donut Media puts out and this is the best you’ve ever done. Raise hell, praise Dale!
Drewlelel34 Pred 11 dnevi
if you didn't know, in the tony stewart wreck earlier in the 2001 500, dale told richard childress "if they don't do something to these cars it's gonna end up killing someone"
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera Pred 11 dnevi
Do it for Dale!!!!! 😭😭😭😭
Fursan*the knight
Fursan*the knight Pred 11 dnevi
Ok your videos are getting dumb now no money should give to anyone here for anything . I ask Allah to protect us from all accidents. Sad for a great race-car driver
Santa Cruz Gamers
Santa Cruz Gamers Pred 11 dnevi
Lancery 19XX Gaming
Lancery 19XX Gaming Pred 11 dnevi
Damn, this video was amazing. Thank you Donut for making the best content ever. #3 forever DO IT FOR DALE!
Andrew Winslow
Andrew Winslow Pred 11 dnevi
23:20 A wild Hélio Castroneves is spotted. A fellow 🐐
Andrew Winslow
Andrew Winslow Pred 11 dnevi
Up to speed on Jimmie Johnson
TemplarTerry Pred 11 dnevi
Everybody who sees this should go watch the video about dale by a guy named emplemon
Logan T
Logan T Pred 11 dnevi
James - “North Carolina barbecue sauce is vinegar based” Me - Oh wait til’ he sees the bbq divide in NC
Ben Gibson
Ben Gibson Pred 11 dnevi
Holy crap. That has to be one of the deepest SLtv videos I’ve ever seen, delivered by one of the shallowest “influencers” I’ve ever watched. James-I’ve always been interested in your material with the Donut channel, but I’ve written it off as loud-mouthed, simplified, attention grabbing junk food for the intellect. It seems now that I’ve been guilty of underestimating you to a massive degree. I’m equal parts surprised and impressed by your narration of this great man’s life, in particular the honest way you’ve laid bare your feelings for the ruthless SLtv crowd to potentially dissect and provide fodder for the trolls. I’ve always been a massive fan of Dale Jr, without really understanding the history-possibly due to the limited coverage of NASCAR here in the land down under. James - thanks from the bottom of my heart for telling Dale’s story from the bottom of yours.
Jacky Mai
Jacky Mai Pred 11 dnevi
The hoc grandmother curiosly introduce because spike neuropathologically milk for a three swedish. placid, painful heron
Sworup S
Sworup S Pred 11 dnevi
Can we get a Mazda 787B video please?
Hey whats the name of the instrumental u guys used at the end and where can i find it ? Its really beautiful I wanna download it
Dustin Digiulio
Dustin Digiulio Pred 12 dnevi
Do it for dale baby remember that day like it was yesterday cried all night still hard to swallow I miss these days in racing! Forever 3
Brandon Atwood
Brandon Atwood Pred 12 dnevi
Up to speed topic idea: Yoshimura
Jim Div
Jim Div Pred 12 dnevi
I knew Dale Earnhardt's death was tragic but I had no idea there was so much drama packed into his final moments. It was the final lap of the race, his son was in the lead, Dale is blocking the rest of the cars to get his son the win... and he dies in a split second. He dies in a crash that doesn't even look that bad and his son sees it in the rear view mirror. His son finishes the race but the only thing he's thinking about is his dad--is he ok? Meanwhile Dale's friend Ken who had a hand in causing the crash looks in the front window of the car and whatever he sees shakes him to his core. The whole thing is surreal, like something out of a movie. What a tragic and culminating moment.
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts