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A few months ago we ranked your cars and had a really good time, so we’re back with some of the WEIRDEST cars you sent us. And we brought special guest Bruce Greene along for the ride! Some of these cars are weird custom jobs and others are just weird from the factory. But the weirdest one will get $500! This is the D-List!

HUGE thanks to everyone who submitted cars for this video! And an equally huge thanks to Bruce for joining us. Make sure to check him out on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/brucegreene

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21. maj. 2021

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Donut Media
Donut Media Pred 24 dnevi
Ok so drop a comment with your favorite car, but make sure it's written the same as at the end of this video so we can tally all the votes. We'll pick a winner next week!
Gary Dryden
Gary Dryden Pred 24 dnevi
Car 12
N M Pred 24 dnevi
Car 6
Rebelliousjoker Pred 24 dnevi
Car 14
Bobele23 Pred 24 dnevi
CAR 8 - D.A.R.E. Firebird
fapulousboy Pred 24 dnevi
definitely hard question with the given/ presented weirdness, i have to pick Car 5 just surprising and very diffferent from other Jeeps
MR. X Pred 3 urami
Car 7!
Joseph Irizarry
Joseph Irizarry Pred 3 urami
did not expect to see bruce, what a random but very pleasant surprise
Ben Graham
Ben Graham Pred 5 urami
Can there be a D-List on the best homologation cars
Destiny Tom
Destiny Tom Pred 14 urami
The medical news connolly beg because jeans phytochemically cycle next a strange wall. frantic, clear money
Mr Noodles
Mr Noodles Pred dnevom
Car 7 for sure
T-29 Fire
T-29 Fire Pred dnevom
Car 1 it looks so sleek and "Dracula wierd"
Gavin Escuyos
Gavin Escuyos Pred 2 dnevi
You two is high as f while filming this
Jeremiah Ducate
Jeremiah Ducate Pred 2 dnevi
That camrino mod would be expensive now with the cost of lumber. Looks like 4x6 or bigger.
American Camionero
American Camionero Pred 2 dnevi
Gotta go with Car 12!!!
Dark meliodas
Dark meliodas Pred 2 dnevi
Car 7
Jay smooth
Jay smooth Pred 2 dnevi
1 the coolest
Christopher Wallace
Christopher Wallace Pred 3 dnevi
Car one
Corey Megran
Corey Megran Pred 3 dnevi
Car 7 for SURE.
Troy Barnes
Troy Barnes Pred 3 dnevi
car 12 because spinny boy noises. obviously.
Ýmir Guðjónsson
Ýmir Guðjónsson Pred 3 dnevi
car 7
The Real JABBS
The Real JABBS Pred 4 dnevi
The Dracula weird car is the coolest
Nicholas Shelton
Nicholas Shelton Pred 4 dnevi
Car #1 is by far the coolest
Jakob Battershell
Jakob Battershell Pred 4 dnevi
Idk how weird it is but I have a 1973 f350 super camper special with a bronco 302 a Dana 70 rear axle pushed back 7 inches Spare tire mounted on the passenger side
Melchor Vincent Agot
Car 11 for me!
Vincent Rosvall
Vincent Rosvall Pred 2 dnevi
Bro we even have the same name 😩
Howard Man
Howard Man Pred 5 dnevi
Tanner Yates
Tanner Yates Pred 5 dnevi
You should def have Bruce back another time. He was super fun and and has a great relatable personality
Owen B
Owen B Pred 5 dnevi
car 5 :0
Jy Jg7000
Jy Jg7000 Pred 5 dnevi
But hey my favorite project car was the Toyota Prius
Jy Jg7000
Jy Jg7000 Pred 5 dnevi
I felt in love with cars when I was 3 years old
Noelle Snow
Noelle Snow Pred 5 dnevi
Ratheno Satria
Ratheno Satria Pred 6 dnevi
Cedric Mcadam
Cedric Mcadam Pred 6 dnevi
Sawyers Toyota camrino wins
Ryan B
Ryan B Pred 6 dnevi
James: Are you guys making your names up? Mr. Sexton: ... uhh, no?
James Zetterquist
James Zetterquist Pred 6 dnevi
Car 14 is the best
Nate Twarog
Nate Twarog Pred 6 dnevi
If you don't drive you demon just for fun when you have nothing else to do in a pandemic you don't deserve to host this channel
Mohammed Akhundzadah
Love car 7
Jason May
Jason May Pred 6 dnevi
Car 1
*Milk Man*
*Milk Man* Pred 7 dnevi
I vote for car 14. Slap the front of a pickup truck on it and I'll give you bonus points.
Jacob M
Jacob M Pred 7 dnevi
Car 12
Jacob M
Jacob M Pred 7 dnevi
I have a 1988 dodge dynasty, I'd go outside to take pictures of it but there is a pack of foxes in my yard lmao
Chase Hinze
Chase Hinze Pred 7 dnevi
i love the el camrino
Rayaad Omar
Rayaad Omar Pred 7 dnevi
Car 8 because it was a dare car but seized by a drug dealer
Samuel Loubier
Samuel Loubier Pred 7 dnevi
Car 14
Steven Hinkle
Steven Hinkle Pred 7 dnevi
DARE Trans Am !
SmokeyOwOs Pred 7 dnevi
Oh shit it's Bruce. Hell yeah
Kon Digimortal
Kon Digimortal Pred 7 dnevi
Oh man, it ships only to US? Feels bad for us EU fans.
Bryton Guernsey
Bryton Guernsey Pred 8 dnevi
Car 12
Brian Sandford
Brian Sandford Pred 8 dnevi
Car 6!
Vincent Rosvall
Vincent Rosvall Pred 7 dnevi
NissanPlayzRB Alexen
EH Really I'd choose car 3 Porshe
Joel omphemetse Masinge
Car 2
charles gale
charles gale Pred 8 dnevi
Damn that jeep is so gross why's would you spend money to make your car that ugly.
Moopy Pred 8 dnevi
Car 9
Claude Hébert
Claude Hébert Pred 9 dnevi
A cousin of mine owned a Plymouth New Yorker (no error here): Chrysler, at the time, was using it's K platform for almost every car the company sold; so my cousin and a friend of his swapped the interior of a Plymouth (Reliant I guess) for the interior of a totaled New Yorker. It was a simple bolt-off bolt-on operation, both cars being identical in size.
WeirdB00 Pred 9 dnevi
Bob Soong
Bob Soong Pred 9 dnevi
Car 4
J2 digital
J2 digital Pred 9 dnevi
Nice to see the BruceGoose in this type of content again.
Kenneth Prince
Kenneth Prince Pred 9 dnevi
Then camrino is the mullet of the car world Lmao 😂😂
Kenneth Prince
Kenneth Prince Pred 9 dnevi
The ford focus had Donut in the yellow stripe lol
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson Pred 9 dnevi
The D.A.R.E. livery would have been added after the police seized it. The drug dealer wouldn't have had that on it. 🤣 And that "Camrino"... I'm pretty sure just the weight of the truck bed on the roof has the chassis overloaded...
NoLongerHuman13 Pred 9 dnevi
Funny that the DARE car is also fkn cool as hell .... cocaine weird.
NoLongerHuman13 Pred 9 dnevi
FYI. The zebra site takes your info and flips it to home owners insurance. Auto insurance. Life insurance and the amount of spam email and phone calls is NOT worth it. Call the major 3 in your area and play them against one another. I got a 2020 golf R for 118$ a month. ( I thought they made a mistake. ). I’m not going to plug them but they insure gov employees. ; ... ;
JATS Pred 10 dnevi
car 8, love you men
Evan LeQuire
Evan LeQuire Pred 10 dnevi
Car 3
DJ K Pred 10 dnevi
When I was a kid the DARE cars around here were Corvettes and Camaros seized from drug dealers.. the current DARE vehicle is a boring GMC Terrain donated by a local dealership 🙄
Big Sacrifice
Big Sacrifice Pred 10 dnevi
video start @2:06
Cole Fritza
Cole Fritza Pred 10 dnevi
what does putting only 500 miles on your demon have to do with covid?? haha
Yuh Pred 10 dnevi
The DARE car is definitely the coolest but the Camrino definitely has to win, its just so awfully put together and dude can't even drive it in the rain
Taras Shulhan
Taras Shulhan Pred 10 dnevi
Car 5
Kali Douglas
Kali Douglas Pred 10 dnevi
car 14
Kali Douglas
Kali Douglas Pred 10 dnevi
the cruck (car + truck= cruck)
RealCoolGuy Pred 10 dnevi
I don't know if he was just joking or not but the D.A.R.E. program actually was shut down because it was shown to get kids hooked on drugs more than deter them. I've never done drugs but we went through the D.A.R.E. program and they actually did make drugs look pretty cool
Lane Workman
Lane Workman Pred 10 dnevi
Camrimo for sure
Gautam Hansan
Gautam Hansan Pred 10 dnevi
Car throttle copy. Cheap move
Meseks Belanger
Meseks Belanger Pred 10 dnevi
The Nissan pulsar sportbak is basically the wish version of the deliorian
ItzCandle Pred 11 dnevi
D.A.R.E exists here in brazil with a different name thay being PROERD but I don't remember what it means but its the same here, a police officer comes to your classroom and goes "these drugs here,will kill you. don't do em"
We face 646
We face 646 Pred 11 dnevi
My fav car is the number 13
~xra~ Pred 11 dnevi
Everywhere I go I see his face..... B is for Bruce B is for Brave
Mammoth-Puppy Pred 11 dnevi
4 or 12
Arjay Martin
Arjay Martin Pred 11 dnevi
bull horns are bad for pedestrians
Nick Booe
Nick Booe Pred 11 dnevi
car 13
Diana Maravilla
Diana Maravilla Pred 11 dnevi
The uttermost laura historically hook because llama numerically applaud concerning a garrulous hygienic. spooky, satisfying dance
Metroplex Pred 11 dnevi
13:40 Is it a Hilux?
Metroplex Pred 11 dnevi
8:04 also know as EPA traktorer (EPA tractors in english)
Vincent Rosvall
Vincent Rosvall Pred 10 dnevi
Adrian Lawson
Adrian Lawson Pred 12 dnevi
8:59 can someone please give me the name of these wheels because I’ve been thinking about them all day….
Garrison B
Garrison B Pred 12 dnevi
car 12
Rafael Diaz
Rafael Diaz Pred 12 dnevi
Did you guys see that Donut Media logo on the Focus ST? Or was it just me
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Pred 12 dnevi
The Toyota pickup is meth head weird.
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Pred 12 dnevi
In the 1970s and 1980s, a lot of police departments in the USA, Canada, and even some foreign countries like Japan, had Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac Trans Am, and Chevrolet Corvette police units, as they were specifically designed to be high speed police units. However, one country outdid them all with high speed police units and that country is, predictably, the United Arab Emirates. Not only does that country have police units like that one, as well as regular police vehicles, but that they also have like Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Hellcat Redeye, and Demon police units, and even Bugatti Chiron SS 300 police units...yeah, they are going to catch you over there for sure.
Just Mayelo
Just Mayelo Pred 12 dnevi
car 14 is the most practical and you cant tell me I'm wrong
Kerby Granath
Kerby Granath Pred 12 dnevi
Oh snap! It's Bruce!
Burning Sails
Burning Sails Pred 12 dnevi
Okay but rentable weird is the way to go, don't wanna be weird all the time? We got you! For a small daily price, you can be weird on the weekends with your friends!(car 11 lol)
Jeanko Lara
Jeanko Lara Pred 12 dnevi
Car 5
Samuel Anderson
Samuel Anderson Pred 12 dnevi
Remember the dare at school lol
MrT2 this
MrT2 this Pred 12 dnevi
Gotta go with the don't do drugs, drug-dealer car. Because you know, drug-dealers are usually kinda wierd...but still plenty fun. If they let you sample the groceries/nasal-decongestants .
TimeToSnitch Pred 12 dnevi
Was war eigentlich dein höchster Rang?
yodett Pred 12 dnevi
Ollie Pred 12 dnevi
dallasswagga Pred 12 dnevi
Omg I need that Nissan Hawaii hat where you get it? Better yet can you sign your hat and let me buy it and wear it like a daily driver lol
Computer Whisperer
Computer Whisperer Pred 13 dnevi
America: "wtf, I can drive stick..." Clutch: 😱
TC Truesdell
TC Truesdell Pred 13 dnevi
Car 8 because of the story behind it. That’s badass
Gregory Perkins
Gregory Perkins Pred 13 dnevi
We all know there should have been a 250 hp,dart
Allen Dudley
Allen Dudley Pred 13 dnevi
Mechen & Zombie
Mechen & Zombie Pred 13 dnevi
I like #6 for the fact that he built it to defy driving age but took the effort tomake it look nice
C Pred 13 dnevi
Car 7 ftw
Reggie Greengrass
Reggie Greengrass Pred 13 dnevi
Car 2
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see you soon
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