Why NASCAR Is Getting Kinda Weird 

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Like every race series, NASCAR periodically updates the rules which define the cars. Unlike most race series, NASCAR's roots go back nearly 100 years, and so does some of the technology. But the 2022 update is huge: independent rear suspension, 6-speed sequential transaxles, 18" wheels with wider, lower profile tires, coil over suspension.

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4. maj. 2021

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Donut Media
Donut Media Pred mesecem
Do you think this Next Gen car will make racing more exciting? Should we have Jobe build one?! - Jerry
Sasi Narra
Sasi Narra Pred dnevom
mark im
mark im Pred dnevom
Dale would be screaming he can’t feel the air anymore…yep that’s why drivers can feel another car, it’s because of the angle the air flows off the cars around them, with the switch you won’t be able to push another car without touching it..
Punjay Chetan Sharma
Dude None of your modded cars survive the race track, do that first. then think about NASCAR.^_^
Dakota House
Dakota House Pred 11 dnevi
Nascar was built on cheating and getting away with it. The one and single thing I am most excited about is seeing just how they get creative. You guys you self have done an episode of crazy cheats done through the years.
Black.Hippy Pred 13 dnevi
I really liked you Jerry… but every single video you do something unforgivable😪 Why would you even ask if you should build one and have a donut nascar team? Is the sky blue? Is an orange orange? Do we wanna see you guys do more builds? What do you think????? (The answer is “hell f@&$*#% yeah”)
2nd_place Pred dnevom
Looking forward to buying this car “stock” down at my local Chevy or Ford dealer should be pretty sweet.
mark im
mark im Pred dnevom
Dale would be rolling over in his grave screaming , leave my seat alone, where’s my freaking gauges,and who move my darn cup holder…lol..and what’s wrong with my shifter, it’s stuck in first…AND I CANT FEEL THE DARN AIR ANYMORE.,and how am I meant to get a car loose if I can’t use the air flowing off of my car anymore…and they called me a cheater, lol..
Dee S
Dee S Pred 2 dnevi
NASCAR sucks. Derp.
jldude84 Pred 2 dnevi
Cool they can take those left turns ever so slightly faster now lol
James Kim
James Kim Pred 3 dnevi
Didn't they have V8 Camry that nobody can buy?
Adam Navigato
Adam Navigato Pred 3 dnevi
Cinco de Mayo: Am I a joke to you?
Lightning 312
Lightning 312 Pred 4 dnevi
This how they beat the lightning McQueen
Mustang Racer
Mustang Racer Pred 4 dnevi
Rent a nascar ride.. must be 48" tall or more.. pre programmed for designated speed by nascar.. pre-built to exact specs by nascar.. regulated in every aspect by nascar.. all rent-a- ride participants must say exactly what nascar dictates if successful in any way.
Abdulaziz Luqman
Abdulaziz Luqman Pred 5 dnevi
Finally engineering in NASCAR. Modular cars oh man
The Rayven
The Rayven Pred 5 dnevi
Hey, I got a good idea... Let's just get a bunch of Porsche 911 GTSR GT3, Dodge Viper GTSr GT3, Ford Mustang GT3... Hell, just take all the Lemans 24h GT3 cars, put them on a NASCAR track and call it NASCAR... Seems to me, and I keep up a bit with international touring cars, and NASCAR has gone to the exact same specs as a typical GT3 car... The way they making these "stock" cars now, it would be nothing to take one to the Circuit De La Sarth (Lemans track) or the Nordschleife (Nürbergring, Germany)...
Bigbacon Pred 5 dnevi
this mean nascar will get more tracks that aren't just circles?
Steve C
Steve C Pred 5 dnevi
Dude I would love to win the truck and give it to my dad
irving 0 xd
irving 0 xd Pred 6 dnevi
The year can pass but one thing is clear chevrolet never going to change the 2018 camaro zl1 in nascar lol
Ron Martin
Ron Martin Pred 6 dnevi
NASCAR is getting weird because it is being run by Complete Morns! Stage racing, the chase format! All of this crap came from Brian France! He is a big NFL Football fan so he has made the NASCAR races look more like football games than car racing! Stage racing equals the quarters in an NFL game. The chase format is like the DUFUS NFL's idiotic idea of having a ton of teams in the playoffs! It used to be the champions of each division would play in the Super Bowl! Now they have what they call WIld card teams. These teams didn't win their division but since the NFL wants more games which equals more money for the owners of the NFL they have included also-rans in the playoffs! NASCAR has followed suit and done the same thing! Totally useless! If Earnhardt Senior were still around he would be screaming at NASCAR to stop the madness!
Seriously Fast Media
People cried about drivers dominating championships. So they changed it to make dominating harder... people cried. cries “I hate watching 1 driver lead all the laps with a 10 second lead” *adds stages to add mid race excitement and bunch up the field* cries If you think Dale would be crying about the way NASCAR has attempted to appeal to new audiences (their old one is 60+ years old) then you’re an idiot.
Daniel Rino
Daniel Rino Pred 7 dnevi
Jackson storm is here
the 4th generation still my favorite one
Stephen Breen
Stephen Breen Pred 8 dnevi
The appeal of nascar has always been big horsepower muscle cars with no traction, drivers ballsy enough to push them past their handling limits and pit stops that look and sound like combat. Nascar has gone in the complete opposite direction...
Sammy Campbell
Sammy Campbell Pred 8 dnevi
Unless you've seen it live, how can you criticize? Awesome show!
Freddy Frooger
Freddy Frooger Pred 8 dnevi
Ok bro, are you conan o'brien's son?
Gabriel Macedo
Gabriel Macedo Pred 8 dnevi
V8's lasted for too long, time to change for twin turbo V6 or L4 engines
Adrian Sierra
Adrian Sierra Pred 10 dnevi
Lol @ nascar
DizzyCarbon Pred 10 dnevi
2:24 R.I.P The intimidator (4th gen car)
StephenZ827 Pred 10 dnevi
good luck....I stopped watching after it became a " race" issue....
StephenZ827 Pred 4 dnevi
@Seriously Fast Media no one misses who....? Me or NASCAR...?
Seriously Fast Media
No one misses you
Kaleb Mayberry
Kaleb Mayberry Pred 10 dnevi
I mean that’s a lotta content
Kaleb Mayberry
Kaleb Mayberry Pred 10 dnevi
A donut nascar team would be amazing
Kevin VanDeventer
Kevin VanDeventer Pred 10 dnevi
They need to go back to racing actual STOCK cars. Watching cars drive around in a circle for hours is infinitely more enjoyable if they are driving cars I can actually buy and drive myself.
Seriously Fast Media
Safety won’t allow that.
Austin Simons
Austin Simons Pred 10 dnevi
Do a nascar team
luis indarjaya
luis indarjaya Pred 10 dnevi
Donut NASCAR Team
Random Otaku
Random Otaku Pred 10 dnevi
Bring back the superbird.
Random Otaku
Random Otaku Pred 10 dnevi
wow... thats more discusting then i expected, Nascar died when Number 3 did...
Nolan Saincome
Nolan Saincome Pred 11 dnevi
Donut race team sounds great
Jose P. Restrepo
Jose P. Restrepo Pred 11 dnevi
I'm excited!
Scott Abbe
Scott Abbe Pred 11 dnevi
When NASCAR went BLM, BANED the stars and bars and banned firearm and ammo sponsors they went over the line and made themselves UN watchable for me and many others................ they went FULL BORE PUSSY!!!!!!! They can “F” off!!!!! I feel bad for many of the teams out there that no longer get support from the fans because of the PUSSIES at the top of the organization.
Seriously Fast Media
No one misses you
Glxck Pred 11 dnevi
video starts at 2:16
Matt Koep
Matt Koep Pred 11 dnevi
Oooo pleeease start a Nascar team, or at least sponsor one
Laughing Man
Laughing Man Pred 11 dnevi
Americans discovering independent suspension in 2021 is the most American thing ever.
Ron Smith
Ron Smith Pred 11 dnevi
Punch it turn left, punch it turn left, it's still toilet bowl racing and no stock cars, no stock engines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark A
Mark A Pred 12 dnevi
Just donated 😬 I’ll be saying my prayers tonight for that Ram1500 🥶
Robert Polkamp
Robert Polkamp Pred 12 dnevi
But can we buy one on Monday?
Radu Dumitru
Radu Dumitru Pred 12 dnevi
Space Monkey
Space Monkey Pred 12 dnevi
Jeremy Clarkson left the chat.
ThePacman300 Pred 13 dnevi
They should ban all fuel sports they are just a waste of gas I could be using to get shit done
clint gordon
clint gordon Pred 13 dnevi
I miss the days of homologation, and teams building their own cars. I don't know how anyone calls this stock car racing with a straight face. Maybe it's time to change the NASCAR name to something less dishonest and misleading.
Michael Bolton
Michael Bolton Pred 13 dnevi
Who's the low rent Markiplier?
Dan Pred 13 dnevi
so basically NASCAR was weird and now they are becoming more normal and you call this "Getting Kinda Weird"
Offset Pred 13 dnevi
'Most advanced steel space Fram ever designed' probably because no one in this decade is building a car with a steel space frame, NASCAR fucken sucks
BBAL [Bahnbilder Allgäu]
Don't worry, it already is...
Dalai's DramaLama
Dalai's DramaLama Pred 14 dnevi
You are absolutely right. It's weird to hear in 2021 that Nascar is finally upgrading from 50s/60s tech to 90s tech. quote: "what the gearbox gives us is a very modern layout to the drivetrain." -meanwhile the Corvette C5 from 1997 in front of his office has a huge smile from mirror to mirror: "yayy, he is still calling me very modern :-D"
Arjun D.
Arjun D. Pred 14 dnevi
I really hope to see hybrid V6 powetrains in the next nascar series. Yeah yeah, V8 is tradition, but NASCAR used to be about roadcar technology, and the V8 is dead to the roadcar.
Waterbird 4222
Waterbird 4222 Pred 14 dnevi
The more NASCAR changes, the more fans they lose. They should always look towards safety but between Rules changes and the Points system, they're constantly fixing something that 'Ain't Broke'. It's not a stick-n-ball sport. It unique. Well, at least it used to be before Brian France and his greed Effed it up.
Scott Feuerhammer
Scott Feuerhammer Pred 14 dnevi
Welcome to the 21st century NASCAR. Only 22 years late.
.-.:/ Pred 14 dnevi
Let’s get a donut racing team
Quicksmile nathan
Quicksmile nathan Pred 14 dnevi
Donut Racing would be amazing
HOTDOG401 Pred 15 dnevi
Yknow the ol sayin....if it ain't broke.... I mean...isnt racing supposed to be about skill and mastery of the machine? Shouldnt the flaws be something that make it truly a sport of skill...like the shifter....slap up...slap down...less prone to miss a shift..... That seems to me to take away from needing skill.
wiZard Pred 15 dnevi
It ain't getting weird y'all getting way to soft. meat bags.
DiveJumpShooter Pred 15 dnevi
Hmmm TRX to go with my AMG GTR? Ordered.
Alessandro Mazzini
Alessandro Mazzini Pred 15 dnevi
wait does it mean it stops to be retarded and just drive in circles?
gaming world miles
gaming world miles Pred 15 dnevi
Hey.. Iv seen the next gen.. In cars 3😂
special person
special person Pred 16 dnevi
what i got from this video is that basiclly the sport is even easier now
Russell Marsh
Russell Marsh Pred 16 dnevi
Definitely let Aaron drive though lol
Jacob Prince
Jacob Prince Pred 16 dnevi
Was watching this then I saw the Trx part now I wanna watch videos of those😂
Mc_Pancake Pred 16 dnevi
Kinda weird? what did they start? going right?
BigWheel Pred 17 dnevi
What is the circle in the thumbnail trying to point out?
Errol Jones
Errol Jones Pred 17 dnevi
What wait is this not an Aussie V8 supper car or am I just dreaming
Motolympics Pred 17 dnevi
Less stock to me
Robert Thurman
Robert Thurman Pred 17 dnevi
NASCAR has switched to a touring car chassis. Look for a lot more road races. Also look for a slow phasing out of a lot of the big oval tracks. This is what happened to Indy car, only four oval races two at the same track. Road tracks as well as pro races have track days, Porsche, Audi...etc club events and are busy almost every weekend. Texas, Dover, Talladega not so much. That is a lot of real estate that has gone up massively in the last few decades that sit idle 90% of the year. Add to that the drop off in crowds (even before COVID) and a lot of tracks don't make enough money to really maintain them. This is what killed off Riverside, Ontario and Fontana. The land is too valuable to have a non productive structure on. Fontana is somewhat different (or should be, but money always takes precedent) because it used to be a Kaiser Steel factory. The land was cheap because it was too contaminated for permanent inhabitation. It will be (as of now) turned into another Bristol style half mile track.
I got bored watching Nascar after 2 laps from the infield, suite, and stands...
T Hatz
T Hatz Pred 17 dnevi
Please start a racing team!
Lacy Desires
Lacy Desires Pred 17 dnevi
Donut deff isn't a big enough high enough revenue company to start a Nascar team lol.
Manny Tiburcio
Manny Tiburcio Pred 17 dnevi
Donut race team I’d love that
Michael Kemp
Michael Kemp Pred 17 dnevi
Is there still BLM s*** on the NASCAR tracks get Woke go broke
Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson Pred 13 dnevi
poopy fart bum bum
Torpedomtb Pred 18 dnevi
Until NASCAR puts STOCK CAR back into the program its just BS.. A bunch of cars built the same under with just different body's on them that resembles NOTHING like a stock car. Want keep speeds down put STOCK back in meaning something
Mountainhippie68 Pred 18 dnevi
You had me watching till 4:33. It is Camaro, NOT Camero. Jesus christ, you guys are car guys or so i thought.
Ole Skullestad
Ole Skullestad Pred 18 dnevi
Very exciting. A corporate sponsored race with identical hardware dictated by another corporate entity (Nascar). The competition between teams will be awe inspiring. Think I'll visit the local dirt track and watch some actual auto racing.
Daily Life Solutions
Daily Life Solutions Pred 18 dnevi
NASCAR adopts old tech and Jeremiah calls these changes revolutionary.
craig hanwookie
craig hanwookie Pred 18 dnevi
So Stock car Racing still isn't about stock cars? This is why they continue to lose viewership.
William Dozier
William Dozier Pred 18 dnevi
Dont waych NASCAR anymore, It is NOT racing, segments pit row speed, champion based on 10 races at the end of the season. It is a mere shell of its former self, not worth the time to watch.
The Doctor
The Doctor Pred 19 dnevi
Turn left turn left turn left.... Who else thing NASCAR is stupid.... ..?!
maddenker Pred 19 dnevi
He said frame, not tub. Did I miss something? The tub is not the frame. No? Can't you have a steel frame with a carbon tub?
SJVChE Pred 19 dnevi
So still carbs. no fuel injection?
Charles Hill
Charles Hill Pred 19 dnevi
Or be the first Utuber to do a sponsorship on a nascar.
Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson Pred 13 dnevi
look up supermega
the 8 bit gamer
the 8 bit gamer Pred 19 dnevi
donut nascar yes
Chad Alsteens
Chad Alsteens Pred 19 dnevi
NASCAR is a political shitshow I didn't think people still watched it
Ox Uluç Özcan
Ox Uluç Özcan Pred 19 dnevi
this is ground breaking innovation. 2 rear wheels are different wheels; so they had to treat them as 2 different wheels rather than 1 wheel. makes so much sense when you think about it.
Tyler Massey
Tyler Massey Pred 20 dnevi
listening to Pump yell MO POWAH BABEH! over a NASCAR intercom system might get me to watch NASCAR. So a Donut NASCAR team is definitely a good idea.
charles howard
charles howard Pred 20 dnevi
M06 atc
M06 atc Pred 20 dnevi
The reason nascar is in the toilet bowl to start with, Engineers. It's a lot easier to sit and draw pictures when you can't actually do anything. Over 3 decades as a car builder, and you have to hear " I'm an engineer " that's why. An engineer for who ? The F- ing Tweetsie Railroad ?
Brady Watson
Brady Watson Pred 20 dnevi
Ok but don’t all the stock cars go abt the same speed?
Grant Gautney
Grant Gautney Pred 20 dnevi
Nascar should have looked into a monocoque chassis like almost every other racing series on the planet. It would be safer , more reflective of modern unibody stock cars, and probably a lot lighter so nascar could work on using less fuel also
Grant Gautney
Grant Gautney Pred 20 dnevi
Last Sunday (two days ago) I witnessed nascar going round (racing) COTA in Austin in the rain … now I would have thought that nascar acting a little more like f1 was good thing ; but it just felt weird. Mostly the drivers and teams were just openly not comfortable out there.
LittleMetalhead 17
LittleMetalhead 17 Pred 20 dnevi
May the 4th be with you Revenge of the 5th
Jeff Priem
Jeff Priem Pred 20 dnevi
This is the car they should offer at the dealership . it could be my daily driver (could even have a truck variant).. I would even take it with no radio, AC and only one seat is fine.. THEN itd be STOCK car racing.
MrSmapdi Pred 20 dnevi
I can't understand viewers of Nascar... Almost nothing happens for like two hours, just some minor jockying for position. Sure the cars go fast... but if they were all capped at 45mph the race would be the same damn thing.
Augustas Pred 20 dnevi
Sitas juokingas, patiko.
mikey lag
mikey lag Pred 20 dnevi
Is it still woke?
Cool Star23
Cool Star23 Pred 20 dnevi
So nascar have finally produced a car smarter than an ant
Charles Love
Charles Love Pred 20 dnevi
Big bang 1
Big bang 1 Pred 21 dnevom
Me who follow f1: why is he talking history?
Mark Walker
Mark Walker Pred 21 dnevom
lost dale sr. then lets take a break after so many laps, that aint racing,, thats more like being a pussy! then bubba smolet and blm really!
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