The Next Money Pit Project Car Revealed 

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Thanks to Ebay Motors for sponsoring this video! CLICK here bit.ly/EbayMotorsDonut to search through thousands of cars and parts \u0026 list those project cars and spare parts sitting around!

It’s time we say goodbye to our Miata … it won’t be forever BUT we have a brand spankin new car! We have big plans for our new build so stop reading this and go watch the vid!

We have a new channel!

Money Pit is where you get to learn about cars as we work on them. Each ep we’ll breakdown how each component works and then we’ll upgrade it. Join us in our journey to build cool cars, learn about them, and drive the crap out of them!

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9. jun. 2021

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jayashan senevirathna
jayashan senevirathna Pred 3 minutami
Favorite BMV ever ❤️
Gold TrojanMan
Gold TrojanMan Pred 19 minutami
Come to Florida. E36 and e46 go for dirt cheap in manual. They’re all below 2.5k.
Idol 2 Savage
Idol 2 Savage Pred 29 minutami
Revels a 180sx
ON GO Pred 36 minutami
Yes this is the best chassis!
cheeseburger withnocheese
Manual, suspension, tyres and maybe if he wants to covert it to 4x4 drive and defiantly pull out the other seats.
Zack Armstrong
Súper guitar Star
The section is about money pit cars, so bought the king of money pits
Zombalam Pred 2 urami
Can you do mods on the 3rd gen 4Runner you had in the background of your video at your house
tray Stone
tray Stone Pred 2 urami
Not a fan of Donuts choice of new money pit vehicle but you have nailed the 'Money Pit" moniker and you guys found a super clean example but these were well known for being expensive to maintain. Tough chassis but about as reliable as '80s British electronics. Might be an interesting build though.
Trashed STI
Trashed STI Pred 3 urami
Man when he said stock 90s sedan and rally, I was hoping it would be a first gen Legacy SS
Isaac Teal
Isaac Teal Pred 4 urami
Zach is easily the best part of donut. Money pit is always fun to watch. Love me some Hi/Lo too though
Steven Evans
Steven Evans Pred 4 urami
"Oil changed! Head Bonked! Alright it's ready to rip!"
wickedish Iccy
wickedish Iccy Pred 4 urami
Maan was hoping for something with 8 cylinders. Oh well maybe next time
PAPA APE Pred 4 urami
Man...they aint nevah taking gas cars fran i.
j. jimenez
j. jimenez Pred 5 urami
The E36 is a pretty good car But It's no Toyota
ViktoryRoad Pred 5 urami
Make sure to do your subframe reinforcements! 😀
logancopham Pred 6 urami
Next up gotta do a drift car from the start to finish
Tony P3N
Tony P3N Pred 6 urami
We have a Japanese track car, a European off road car; can’t wait for the American Drag car
Anthony Pred 6 urami
E36 t-shirts and Merch please!! Exciting to be following this project
OG Jorgito
OG Jorgito Pred 7 urami
Now everyone is gonna want to buy an e36 🙃
Serts _
Serts _ Pred 7 urami
i am honestly really excited for this build!!! Notif's r on!
Runbi Pred 7 urami
Hey!. With the Miata When your done. You should like . Uh "coughs" Give me it *blushes*
JSpinks Pred 7 urami
NGL, Donut has been amazing with their car choices until now. Should've been a hatch.
1Vaudevillian1 Pred 7 urami
Didn't take long for Zack to turn into a typical bmw driver, I did not see a single blinker light up in the whole video.
Si74l0rd Pred 7 urami
This is an awesome choice. My missus has got a 318 lol, so I can start to learn how to fix it thanks to money pit ;D
PikaPool Pred 8 urami
Hair style you look like 15 year old girl from 50 🥳
David Mathews
David Mathews Pred 8 urami
I knew what it was without even watching it
first name last name
Alright just hear me out, the next money pit car could be a C4 Corvette.
Jeremy Pred 8 urami
An e36 with 93k miles while I’m here driving a 2015 audi with 80k...
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Pred 8 urami
How reliable is the "ebay motors" when it come to shipping to other continents??
David DeVoe
David DeVoe Pred 8 urami
dammit those donut transitions make me crave frosted donuts.
EBD Pred 9 urami
should do a money pit Land Rover Defender, would be a good project to follow
MACIEK Pred 9 urami
Алекс Костов
Алекс Костов
@serdy ximi Nissan 240sx s14
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Pred 8 urami
0:29 please somebody tell me what car is that behind jobe....
John Gross IV
John Gross IV Pred 9 urami
Is that Reba trickin out an E36?
rmnpvlyk Pred 9 urami
You guys know that white rally e36 had 4wd installed in it
asyrofi malik
asyrofi malik Pred 10 urami
Cooper Rodrigues
Cooper Rodrigues Pred 11 urami
put popups on it
Robbinvm Pred 11 urami
Lol i saw the thumbnail and yep an e36
V M Pred 11 urami
Coupe on compact e36 should have been better lol lighter yeah yeah compact is only 4banger and coupe is more expensive
V M Pred 11 urami
Also better not put a getrag trasmission. Zf hella more strong
Matt Pred 11 urami
If it's not an e36 imma be dissapointed in my bmw skills.
Ian Klingensmith
Ian Klingensmith Pred 11 urami
Rally bmw…. Hmmmm…. Couldn’t have imagined Anything more expensive huh 🤔
j acob
j acob Pred 12 urami
Go hubie
AKZ_Panda Pred 12 urami
Money Pit x Chris Fix video 👀
Brandon Melikian
Brandon Melikian Pred 12 urami
Aren't all bmw money pits? (Rhetorical) ..could tell it was one of these pos just from the thumbnail
Blue Magoo
Blue Magoo Pred 12 urami
Knew it was an e36 but damn man, why didn’t y’all do a good ol Swedish brick (Volvo)
urqute Pred 13 urami
Shoulda just got a manual subie
Dondor Rapsang
Dondor Rapsang Pred 13 urami
0:29 please somebody tell me what car is that behind jobe....
Nefarious CJ
Nefarious CJ Pred 13 urami
When do we get the 86
Ricks Refurbished
Ricks Refurbished Pred 13 urami
Scouring old peoples junkyards out in the county because you're poor > using ebay motors
Torka Pred 14 urami
different show, but clearly we now need a Hi Low rally edition
Jeremiah Pred 15 urami
BMW? No thanks, not even remotely interested now..
Christopher Butler
Christopher Butler Pred 15 urami
really thought he was gonna go subaru :(((((
FaZe Cursed
FaZe Cursed Pred 15 urami
this is gonna be a stocky 100%.
misolou fout
misolou fout Pred 16 urami
I love that this one episode already paid for the whole car.
ThatMotoVlogger Pred 16 urami
Watching the grip tape scratch his mac......
Josh Frede
Josh Frede Pred 16 urami
e36’s are too cool to destroy doing rally 😭
chantel rhine
chantel rhine Pred 16 urami
Lol the car with the most expensive parts
Simon Holmqvist
Simon Holmqvist Pred 16 urami
I'm a bit sad that it wasn't a volvo 240, but oh well xD
misolou fout
misolou fout Pred 16 urami
Take a shot every time he says minty fresh…
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson Pred 16 urami
Anyway you guys can make a video on common tools needed to start a build, I’m new to mechanical work and would like to be prepared. Love the content fellas
Daniel Laczo
Daniel Laczo Pred 17 urami
Good luck finding an E36 for the next few months...I think this is going to be an interesting season.
Leonard Hartelt
Leonard Hartelt Pred 18 urami
plz do turbofan wheels!!!!!!1!!!
Poggre Johnson
Poggre Johnson Pred 18 urami
It’s actually crazy I just realized now that I’ve been watching you guys for like 3 and a half years
bart rebergen
bart rebergen Pred 18 urami
And nobody watches HOONIGAN?? SHITCAR is already full rallycar!
The Senate
The Senate Pred 18 urami
Thats was more a safari/rally build
Davis kaufman
Davis kaufman Pred 19 urami
but we don’t have another high low
Dugs Palma
Dugs Palma Pred 19 urami
E36 is cheap. Huh.
Joshua Ezekiel Belandres
"we're gonna build a rally car"... "a rally car" .. "r a l l y c a r" YEAHH BOOIII!!
Niko Pred 20 urami
As soon as he said "rally car" I knew it was an E36.
Squardo Pred 20 urami
I love money pit, I got an automatic 328i Touring, I wanna swap the transmission, I’m HYPED🤯
Richard Berry
Richard Berry Pred 22 urami
The silva and the miata in the background, definitely makes this a Money pit next gen. Love it!!!! Thank you guys for doing what you do. So ah, when is Nolan doing a 4runner?
Glenn 9K
Glenn 9K Pred 22 urami
Imagine if we could follow Zach Jobe on Twitter as well
Alli Pred 22 urami
Cody Fellows
Cody Fellows Pred 22 urami
5:45 love the wheel chair shot XD
Matt Pred 22 urami
Take a shot every time he says minty fresh…
Matt Pred 22 urami
My 2000 Monte Carlo ss weighed the same as that car and it made more power lol
Keon Pred 23 urami
NOOO NOOO NOOO NOOOOOOOO PLEASE DONT START SAYING SHEESH 🙄.... I'M so fed up with every single car SLtvr saying that shit
Johnathan Crumm
Johnathan Crumm Pred dnevom
I hope this suspension gets sooooooo crazy! Custom fabricated rally setup!
99codemister Pred dnevom
17:16 Rocking that Jagr flow! You been playing some hockey on the side?
Yudhistira Priyasembadha
Right when I'm missing my E36 again
Matt H
Matt H Pred dnevom
Lol reminds me of my bro driving his Chevy cavalier on a dirt path gunning it at 45 so we didn't get stuck.
Vaclav Kuzelka
Vaclav Kuzelka Pred dnevom
Yuck...the second I saw the car I lost interest. That is not a good Rally car I'm sry...
Jarrett Sollitto
Jarrett Sollitto Pred dnevom
Before I watch I’m gonna say it’s an e36 🥰
Jarrett Sollitto
Jarrett Sollitto Pred dnevom
I knew it :)
Neganeko Pred dnevom
Now this? This is my speed
Malea Marxer
Malea Marxer Pred dnevom
DANG was excited to see a subie 🥲 excited for the series though
MrRigatoni Pred dnevom
Yanclaudio Quintana
I knew it was a bmw before the uncovering lmao
Cody Lechner
Cody Lechner Pred dnevom
So excited for this build! A few months ago I bought a '93 318i while I'm stationed in England for my daily...with plans for it to become a toy eventually! It only had 56K miles on it! Super stoked to see what y'all do with this thing!
DREZR Pred dnevom
E36 is the perfect drift car so i dont know what i feel about this one
Johnny N
Johnny N Pred dnevom
“Too much flair”…while beautiful lox flowing in the wind.
PsychoticOranges Pred dnevom
Ah yes an off road rally car, a Suba-…..an, an e36? What did you really need the dependability of a tank? Well, I guess you did lol
Lara Craft
Lara Craft Pred dnevom
MANUAL!!! i only have 4 gears in my car but manual 1000%
Dylan Pred dnevom
Ace SpaceBalls
Ace SpaceBalls Pred dnevom
In red…rhhhpuuttt!
Alex Pred dnevom
I just got and e36 m3 theee days ago, such a fun car
Chris Martin
Chris Martin Pred dnevom
Of all the cars you could pick a bmw ooofff
Daniel Soule
Daniel Soule Pred dnevom
Pop the filter off BEFORE you take out the drain plug so when you pull the filter out you don’t get oil everywhere, drains it more as well
WarGamer101 Pred dnevom
Pov: your a donut media fan 7:54
lol snake
lol snake Pred dnevom
4wD swap?
Balázs Farkas-Jenser
Can we spare a moment to talk about this man's hair. I mean wtf luscious locks
Point Blank
Point Blank Pred 5 urami
Gloriously succulently lucious. I noticed every episode it gets longer and longer. The beard seems to constantly change lengths though.
Vauxhall fan
Vauxhall fan Pred 15 urami
Image if he was bald
Keith Zimmerman
Keith Zimmerman Pred dnevom
How does dude not have a Bandpak?
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