How Porsche Tricked Hedge Funds out of BILLIONS 

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Porsche wanted to buy stock in Volkswagen- a little too much stock. It turns out, Porsche wanted to OWN Volkswagen! What was their plan to trick the stock market? And how did it fail?

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10. maj. 2021

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Olliver Twinkle
Olliver Twinkle Pred 11 urami
GameStop gonna make me rich
SIMHENDRA Pred 15 urami
these videos are so much better at 1.25 speed....
Kevin Peralta
Kevin Peralta Pred 15 urami
it's not strictly hedge funds, anyone can short, as long as that person's broker lends them (person borrows) the necessary shares
Deniz Girgin
Deniz Girgin Pred 17 urami
Now we have cars like 922 daily driveable cars with performance like ferraris and lambos in drag race. Because of this merge. It is like they happily lived ever after story.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller Pred dnevom
AMC to the moon
Hegelian Sours
Hegelian Sours Pred dnevom
Holy fuck
homotron500 Pred dnevom
why is wall street so evil?
ImisstheFührer Pred dnevom
Government screwing the little guy like always
Vinayak Krishnan
Vinayak Krishnan Pred dnevom
I'm a finance student and I learnt more from Nolan than from my textbook!
Samad Work
Samad Work Pred dnevom
He who sells what isn't his'n, must buy back or go to pris'n.
1q3er5 Pred 2 dnevi
nice animation for explaining shorts!
Caleb Walker
Caleb Walker Pred 2 dnevi
Reverse Takeover
John Player Special
John Player Special Pred 2 dnevi
All I got from this is to buy more GME. Bullish!!
OmegaProxy Pred 2 dnevi
Hedge funds should be abolished and those involved with them should be shot.
Tome4kkkk Pred 2 dnevi
Pure speculation that in a normal world wouldn't be legal. You can, for example, check out what is the revenue composition of farmaceutical corporations. That's right. Speculative stock market operations.
Sesa Munko-Abo
Sesa Munko-Abo Pred 2 dnevi
I don't understand that
Oscar Melchor
Oscar Melchor Pred 2 dnevi
All part of the one world government. To take control of everything in a centralized system.
Andre Pred 2 dnevi
So Porsche owns VW who owns Porsche
Alex Wang
Alex Wang Pred 2 dnevi
AMC Holders?
Nico Dc5
Nico Dc5 Pred 3 dnevi
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith Pred 3 dnevi
jagat dave
jagat dave Pred 3 dnevi
Nice...very good...awesome...keep it up!!!!
Dr. Finesse
Dr. Finesse Pred 3 dnevi
GME to the moon
Dr. Finesse
Dr. Finesse Pred 3 dnevi
@Diego Reyes lmao the float size of GameStop says other wise the leadership of GameStop says other wise, and first of all it’s not wrong stock when covid happened a lot of companies got targeted for short selling yeah amc will squeeZe but your a clown if you think amc will squeeze higher
Diego Reyes
Diego Reyes Pred 3 dnevi
wrong stock bud 🍿🎥
C.C. Foster
C.C. Foster Pred 3 dnevi
starlog 6/11/2021: The youtube algorithim has surfaced this video again....... its been one month since the last time...... this can only mean one thing.... the tendieman is back
richard marous
richard marous Pred 3 dnevi
Came here to learn about VW stock instead its a ad for soap and food.
Max Pred 3 dnevi
Really well explained, but there is another point you forgot to tell us about. Volkswagen is owning Porsche that is true, meanwhile Porsche SE Holding which is not the same company as Porsche Automobil is owning VW with 53,3 % of ordinary shares . And the founder of both of these Porsche companies is Ferdinand Porsche. Link: www.porsche-se.com/en/company/holding-structure
elchencho713 Pred 3 dnevi
The old-fashioned ambulance apically knot because children meteorologically wonder about a crowded increase. nonstop, cloudy authority
armancha23 Pred 3 dnevi
Thank you for schooling us today!
Josh C
Josh C Pred 3 dnevi
Porsche is still the largest Volkswagen shareholder.
StxnceUK Pred 3 dnevi
Based Porsche.
Shine13373 Pred 4 dnevi
This VW example was widely used on r/wallstreetbets at the start of the GME battle. Diamond hands strong apes.
rev run
rev run Pred 4 dnevi
Amc gme💎 👐
G. Zeigler
G. Zeigler Pred 4 dnevi
So is ticker symbol POAHY at around $11 a good buy in to own Porsche stock?
Brandon M
Brandon M Pred 4 dnevi
BUY $AMC NOW!!!!! 📈🤲💎🤲🚀
Gary Langston
Gary Langston Pred 4 dnevi
The complete closet ultrascructurally dam because cherry cytomorphologically sniff like a average mirror. dynamic, thin screen
Arya Daneshvar
Arya Daneshvar Pred 4 dnevi
I love your videos a lot , watched pretty much all of them, but there was a lot incorrect with this video. Stick to cars, not economics. Still much love tho
1leven Pred 4 dnevi
If only you spent a little bit more on research and actually found out that Porsche split in 2007 to 2 companies -SE and AG. And that VW owns Porsche AG, whereas VW is owned by Porsche SE. And that all that scheme was likely was to get everything under the wing of the Porsche family. Piech and Porsche are relatives btw.
Wilton Lopes
Wilton Lopes Pred 4 dnevi
cough cough AMC story
Dioxide Music
Dioxide Music Pred 5 dnevi
This was one of the most interesting car videos ever. Great job
Maxim S
Maxim S Pred 5 dnevi
Привет от Асафьева)
MafiousBJ Pred 5 dnevi
Just remember that Volkswagen was the company about to go under and they ended up buying (or "merging") the company which was about to take over them...the stock market is clearly a manipulation paradise!!
Marcos D.A.
Marcos D.A. Pred 5 dnevi
11 Billions because they paperhanded at 12,8 SI , Diamond hands with 140% .....
David Weller
David Weller Pred 5 dnevi
Porsche didn’t make that money. It was a fair value gain on shares already held, but as the price of vw stock came back down and Porsche didn’t sell those shares, no money was made, just a brief Fv gain
Timo Veit
Timo Veit Pred 5 dnevi
Finally an American pronouncing Porsche right
Yazmin Galan
Yazmin Galan Pred 5 dnevi
The awesome shape unintentionally prepare because art distally bang down a white pentagon. fancy, ignorant ping
Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij
But you know that VW was made by Porsche right?
no just no
no just no Pred 5 dnevi
amazing stuff Nolan, thank you for the quality content.
williamm1561 Pred 5 dnevi
What’s wrong with chef boyardee?
scettzvill Pred 5 dnevi
wonder what would have happened if porsche decided to dump all their VW shares when the government veto'd their acquisition of the last shares.
Thom Pred 6 dnevi
There are actually two little dots writtenover the "e" in Piëch. That means the "e" is not a modificator to the "i" to make it phonetically longer but will be explicitly pronounced. In Piëchs case it will most likely be prounounced pee-eggh (I spare you to pronounce the ch, this is as close as you get 😉)
Panah Rahmat
Panah Rahmat Pred 6 dnevi
It’s kinda of scary how similar Volkswagen’s situation is to AMC. Will history repeat itself?
J FROS’ Pred 4 urami
@armancha23 what’s the best price scenario in a month from now ?? Whether buying pressure or just holding. ??
KBV Pred 3 dnevi
armancha23 Pred 3 dnevi
Such a LARGER scale!!!
Clint Memmott
Clint Memmott Pred 6 dnevi
See boys you buy and hold NEVER SELL FOR LESS
Crisss Sontay
Crisss Sontay Pred 6 dnevi
The industrious space metrically fry because word phytogeographically jam until a homely lip. serious, one tanker
Johnny Ballenger
Johnny Ballenger Pred 6 dnevi
Lol this taught me more about economics than my Econ class
Dae Jung
Dae Jung Pred 6 dnevi
KBV Pred 3 dnevi
Thành Vinh Nguyên Tô
Porches trolling hedge funds before it was cool
Jamie mary
Jamie mary Pred 7 dnevi
*Mr Zelly Chapman is legit and his method works like magic I keep earning every single week with his new strategy.*
Brad Steven's.
Brad Steven's. Pred 4 dnevi
Z e l l y c h a p m a n @ g m a i l
Brad Steven's.
Brad Steven's. Pred 4 dnevi
Brad Steven's.
Brad Steven's. Pred 4 dnevi
Brad Steven's.
Brad Steven's. Pred 4 dnevi
Brad Steven's.
Brad Steven's. Pred 4 dnevi
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Testergan Clook
Testergan Clook Pred 7 dnevi
His method surprises me
Priscilla Tom
Priscilla Tom Pred 7 dnevi
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Cobaugh Capital Venture
@Big Owls Wow I'm just shocked you mentioned and recommended Thompson Walter of CFTCOOPERATIONS under FINRA, I thought people don't know them... they're really awesome
Big Owls
Big Owls Pred 7 dnevi
I've been earning from cryptotrading and I recommend an expert called Thompson G Walter on FINRA
James Groves
James Groves Pred 7 dnevi
@Cobaugh Capital Venture Thanks for the insight, I remember friends calling me crazy when I started investing in bitcoin now I shut them up with my 4 figures weekly returns
Rush Factory Garage
Rush Factory Garage Pred 7 dnevi
Awesome informative video. I remember watch a bit on Top Gear when this went on but I didn’t understand it. ALSO GME isn’t over. The squeeze has not_ been squoze! 25million is the floor
StriderZ Pred 7 dnevi
As a stock trader, that was a great explanation of what short selling and squeezes look like!
Sylvia Gonzalez
Sylvia Gonzalez Pred 7 dnevi
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Your Brain
Your Brain Pred 7 dnevi
Here before 1m views
Jose Ocampo
Jose Ocampo Pred 7 dnevi
I learned more about the stock market by a group of car guys than I ever have actually taking a course for stocks😂
not yo average Josay
Skip Overit
Skip Overit Pred 8 dnevi
I actually understood that. When Porsche adopted the VW suv design it was the first great looking 4 door.
The 40oz Profit
The 40oz Profit Pred 8 dnevi
(car) STONKS
Charles Miller
Charles Miller Pred 8 dnevi
In reality Porsche is the engineering company that produces cars. That is the real reason Porsche is able to make so many sick killer cars: Engineering!
rbmgf7 Pred 8 dnevi
Can you imagine where some of these companies would be if they stopped dicking around with stocks and shareholders and focused more on products and operations?
Shayan Matini
Shayan Matini Pred 9 dnevi
Shayan Matini
Shayan Matini Pred 9 dnevi
Amc to the moon 🌚
Lucas Calvo
Lucas Calvo Pred 9 dnevi
Is not ownership is equity. Big difference
vaporeon pizza2002
vaporeon pizza2002 Pred 9 dnevi
The apathetic pyramid architecturally shrug because donald comprehensively argue against a tame colon. disgusted, light crown
christian collins
christian collins Pred 10 dnevi
Never do animated skits again, that shit is nightmare fuel.
Franco Castro
Franco Castro Pred 10 dnevi
Had a 90 minutes lecture about this exact event I can say that I understood more in 11 minutes from you guys than from 90 minutes from experts in the matter.
Angel Gutierrez
Angel Gutierrez Pred 9 dnevi
Problem is many experts are not good at teaching.
akapiff Pred 10 dnevi
AMC should do the same
Culture Kings Boy
Culture Kings Boy Pred 10 dnevi
This is market manipulation, Porsche should be banned in US
David Uranie
David Uranie Pred 11 dnevi
Nolan you top bloke! It’s videos like this which keep SLtv interesting, not boring videos about cats or burnouts. Thoroughly investigated and intelligently put together. Despite being a lifetime action sports guy and petrol head, I’ve always said we need to make more smart movies with less boring fake action scenes, and this is just that. Keep up the good work bud! Dave
Dan Holly
Dan Holly Pred 11 dnevi
Great vid y’all!
son Pred 11 dnevi
Wow. Thank was a great story. I'm glad it worked out in the end for Porsche and VW.
elliott stanaway
elliott stanaway Pred 11 dnevi
Dang your a lot smarter then I thought and I know your smart asf haha
grwlngbxr27STi Pred 11 dnevi
so, Deutsche Bank funds Epstein, and Trump after his bankruptcy made him untouchable in the US many moons ago, but they wouldn't give Porsche more money for this????
Brian M.
Brian M. Pred 11 dnevi
Ah yes, so short selling shouldn't be a thing. Got it.
Matt Lurker - Personal Finance & Investing
AMC is going crazy just like VW was and Donut did a better job explaining a short squeeze than most finance channels do
Mango D Sky
Mango D Sky Pred 9 dnevi
Yes AMC to the moon!!
TXK Inc.
TXK Inc. Pred 11 dnevi
Vo Quang Minh
Vo Quang Minh Pred 11 dnevi
The gamy thursday relatedly print because biology intermittently tire save a muddled reindeer. stupendous, unequal tsunami
erik dennard
erik dennard Pred 11 dnevi
Oh well.... I would say to VW . Don't hate the Player.. and Respect the Game.. Porsche flip the script on them. lol.. It be what it may.
Neznam Tija
Neznam Tija Pred 11 dnevi
U really pronounce Porsche kinda weird …. It should be pronounced as PORSH
André Pred 11 dnevi
Is not porscha, is simply PORSCHE
filemonek123 Pred 11 dnevi
something similiar happend on gme, but then retails got blcoked to cover the ass of fat rich old farts from wallstreet
Clyde Fields
Clyde Fields Pred 12 dnevi
This is bullish to me #AMC
Not_jair0 Pred 12 dnevi
So who here owns amc?
Teo G
Teo G Pred 12 dnevi
Do a piece on Yilan Musk and the rest of paper billionaires of Silicon Valley who have open budgets from Walstreet to fight the good fight for us. CCP
Herr Vorragend
Herr Vorragend Pred 12 dnevi
5:10 "don't worry, my ... eh ehm ... "friend", my troops at your borders are just passing by! :DD
Darvin Black
Darvin Black Pred 12 dnevi
For my Russian speaking friends, go to Asafiev Stas channel and watch his 1.5 hour video with all the details. You wont regret it a second.
redhotfirestarter Pred 12 dnevi
You can call Ferdinand Piëch Mister Dieselgate.
Sunnys Pred 12 dnevi
Here's a sad story related to this: Adolf Merckle, one of the richest German in 2008 YOLO'ed his entire liquidity on Volkswagen short. He committed suicide afterwards.
Rachel Betty
Rachel Betty Pred 12 dnevi
I am trying to upgrade to the Maybach s550 2021 with the proceeds of my portfolio. German cars are luxurious but expensive and since I have found a side income to fund this expensive habit of mine, I am not gonna deter, I'm gonna buy the dip and go more on ETH, BTC and inflation hedge bonds.
Zain Ahmad
Zain Ahmad Pred 2 dnevi
Bark-shin mii
Bark-shin mii Pred 12 dnevi
@kim hyn soo Thanks. I will check her out on the web now and see if I can contact her.
kim hyn soo
kim hyn soo Pred 12 dnevi
@Bark-shin mii I suggested someone to some guys last month and most of them emailed me and thanked me. Its no big deal, you guys should seek the services of 'Kimberly Anne Ritchey"
Bark-shin mii
Bark-shin mii Pred 12 dnevi
@Levison Bevan I have $550k and intend to invest it in a diversified portfolio but I desperately require the services of a stock broker.
Levison Bevan
Levison Bevan Pred 12 dnevi
@Samantha Estera Herrera This is smart thinking. I myself retained the services of a stock broker, It is essentially needed to avoid mismanagement of capital.
Rocky Pred 12 dnevi
It's faking Porsche not faking Porscha I hate when people can't pronounce the right way same as Hyundai they say hihondai
Sliver Spoon
Sliver Spoon Pred 12 dnevi
This would be a kickass movie but i will laugh if people brought their kids to a Porsche vs Volkswagen movie
Shaggy 8392
Shaggy 8392 Pred 13 dnevi
Good on ya Porche!
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